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Places in historical and artistic value in BARDI (PR)

Title Museum of poaching and traps
Descriptionon display at the museum dedicated to poaching and traps are all the legal and illegal ways to catch animals as well as those having men as targets, such as mines. The museum was opened in 1944, in order to awaken public opinion about the sad practice of poaching, one of the main reason for the ...
AddressBardi Castle - 43032 - Bardi (PR)

Title Bardi Castle
Descriptionfrom its position on that sheer outcrop of red jasper, the rocca or fort, looms imperiously over the burgh and valley below. With its sturdy curtain wall, embattled parapet-walks, guard towers, and castle keep, the fort is a fine example of medieval siege architecture (13th - 14th century), ...
AddressVia Castello - 43032 - Bardi (PR)