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Places in historical and artistic value in NOCETO (PR)

Title Records collection Bruno Slawitz
Descriptionthe Rocca has played host since 1972 to an exceptional records collection, left by journalist Bruno Slawitz, born in Noceto in 1907 and died in Milano in 1968: a melomaniac, music critic and consultant of a record company which allowed him to gather his rare collection. The collection is divided ...
AddressRocca Sanvitale - piazza Garibaldi, 1 - 43015 - Noceto (PR)

Title Ferdinando Libassi museum
Descriptionthe old printing-house "La grafica nocetana" that once belonged to Ferdinando Libassi has been transformed by the Municipality into a museum dedicated to the art of printing. On display, machinery, equipment and precious tools: among them, the Dall'Orto holding press dating back to the second ...
AddressVia Dalla Chiesa, 30 - 43015 - Noceto (PR)

Title Castle of music
Descriptionthe castle Rocca dei Sanvitale, where lie the origins and roots of the village's history, on the 23rd of December 2005 was officially baptized as the Castle of Music. The aim was living up the fortress that dominates the main square of the village and open it up to visitors as a cultural box ...
AddressRocca dei Sanvitale - Piazza Garibaldi - 43015 - Noceto (PR)