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Places in historical and artistic value in SORAGNA (PR)

Title Jewish museum Fausto Levi
Descriptiondedicated to Fausto Levi, who created it with devoted efforts and labour, the Jewish Museum located in Soragna gathers and preserves relics belonging to the eight extinct communities of Parma states, thus perpetuating their memory. In its seven sections are kept documents from 1555 to 1803, ...
AddressVia Cavour, 43 - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Title Giovannino Guareschi museum or Centro del Boscaccio
Descriptionthis small and charming museum, created by Guareschi's friends, the Bertozzi family, is hosted in the old bell tower of Diolo, surrounded by old castles and lost in middle of the country where maestro Verdi was born. Also known as Centro del Boscaccio, it displays souvenirs, documents and ...
AddressDiolo - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Title Synagogue
Descriptionopened in October 1855, the neoclassical Synagogue of Soragna is decorated by elegant columns, corinthian stuccoes by A. Rusca and ornaments on the ceiling depicting floral motifs. Inside, where sacred and ritual objects are kept, portals of the Holy Ark containing scrolls of the Bible, a ...
AddressVia Cavour, 43 - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Title Museum of rural life of Soragna
Descriptionthe Museum of rural life is hosted in the ancient dairy in Soragna of Principi Meli Lupi. Its opening was in November 2003. A the moment it occupies two big rooms and in the future it will be enlarged. The collection contains a lot of items from the collection of Mauro Parizzi. In the ...
AddressCastellazzi court - Via dei Mille - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Title Rocca Meli Lupi
DescriptionSituated between the river Po and the river Stirone, the perfectly preserved fortress of Soragna is one of the most magnificent in the valley. The residence of the Meli Lupi family for centuries, it still shows the features of a fine mansion of 16th, 17th and 18th century. Access is across a ...
AddressPiazza Meli Lupi, 5 - 43019 - Soragna (PR)