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Places in historical and artistic value in TRAVERSETOLO (PR)

Title Renato Brozzi museum
Descriptionopened in 1990, the museum displays about 100 letters that the artist Renato Brozzi, born in Traversetolo in 1885, exchanged with Gabriele D'Annunzio from the early 20's until the death of the famous poet in 1936. Not only D'Annunzio admired and commissioned many of Brozzi's artworks, along the ...
AddressPiazza Fanfulla, 5 - 43029 - Traversetolo (PR)

Title Magnani Rocca Foundation
Descriptiona villa surrounded by an ancient park houses the Magnani Rocca Foundation, opened in 1990 in order to host the prestigious collection of art belonging to Luigi Magnani, an extremely cultured man who was interested in the history of art, literature and musicology. Among several masterpieces, ...
AddressVia Fondazione Magnani Rocca, 4 - 43029 - Traversetolo (PR)

Title Parish church of St Ambrogio
Descriptionfirst mentioned in 901 AD, the parish church of Sant'Ambrogio, located in Bazzano, was later quoted in the deed of gift of Bishop Sigifredo II. In 1230 seven chapels were under its jurisdiction: Vedriano, Roncaglio, Monchio delle Olle, Neviano degli Arduini, Compiano, Rivarola, Castione ...
Address43029 - Traversetolo (PR)

Title San Martino parish church
DescriptionThe Parish Church of St. Martin was mentioned for the first time in the deed of gift of bishop Sigifredo II on 11 June 1005, signed by Gerardus S. Martini. We learn from the Rotulus Decimarum of 1230 that the chapels of Guardasone, Vignale, Bottone, Torre, Sivizzano, Cazzola, Rivalta were under ...
AddressVia San Martino, 15 - 43029 - Traversetolo (PR)