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Places in historical and artistic value in BAGNOLO IN PIANO (RE)

Title Salsapariglia Collection by Salsapariglia Nello
DescriptionPrivate collection of 150 motorcycles from about 1900 to 1970 with several race models of the 20s/50s till the Lombardini race motorcycle.
Addressvia Fratelli Lazzaretti, 3 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano

Title Catholic parish church
DescriptionThe church is dedicated to Saints Francesco da Paola and Maria Porziola.
Addresspiazza Garibaldi, 23 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano

Title Gonzaga Municipal Theatre
DescriptionRectangular plan with balcony - 300 seats
Addresspiazza Garibaldi, 2 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano

Title Il Torrazzo
DescriptionThe Torazzo is the civic tower and symbol of the town.
Addresspiazza Garibaldi - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano