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Places in historical and artistic value in BAISO (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta at Debbia
DescriptionThe church of Debbia dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, is mentioned amongst the processions of Marquee Bonifaccio of Canossa, Matilde’s father, who received it in emphyteusis by the church of Reggio Emilia after 1052. The church, dependent on the San Vitale Parish, is mentioned in the scrolls ...
AddressDebbia - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta of Visignola
DescriptionThe church corresponds to the still existent parish north of the Baiso Parish. The church, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, is amongst the most antique in the mountains and appears in the scrolls of the Tithes of 1302 and 1318 as dependent on the Baiso Parish. It is also mentioned as Santa ...
AddressVisignola - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title The church of San Cassiano
DescriptionIn the scrolls of the Tithes of 1302 and 1318 the church of S. Cassiano appears as being dependent on the Parish of S. Vitale of Carpineti. It’ s existence is attested to from 1094 thanks to the discovery of a Pyx under the main altar in 1958 during the demolition of the old church “SUNT ...
AddressSan Cassiano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title The church of San Romano
DescriptionThe church appears with the title of “ecclesia de Sancto Romano” in the Register of Tithes of 1318 as dependent on the parish of Sant’Eleucadio (Saint Valentine). It appears to have been reconstructed towards the end of the XV century. From the following it was dedicated to Saints Quirico ...
AddressSan Romano di Baiso - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Maestà a La Faraona
DescriptionIt’s a 19th century tympanumed small pilaster majesty dedicated to Ave Maria.
AddressLa Faraona - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Visignolo di Baiso
DescriptionThe nucleus of Borgo Visignolo now includes along with the proper agglomerate of the hamlet also the nearby Cà Cilloni. Noteworthy are two buildings one of which is equipped with two towers, facing the main road, belonging to the 16th century. The building had a nice bunged arch on the ground ...
AddressVisignolo - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Corte Ca' del Monte
DescriptionThe complex with court structure belongs to the Monti family. The central body connects to a dovecot tower dating back to the 17th century. It has a square plan with four levels ending in a roof tile cover on shaped ceiling eave. Besides the openings for the doves, it has a triple order of ...
AddressCa' del Monte - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Castagneto di Baiso
DescriptionThe shape of the more ancient architectural features, dating back to the 14th – 15th centuries, confirm the origin and urban history of great importance for the territory of Baiso. The main urban growth took place in the 19th century near the two antique centers. Except for the most ancient ...
AddressCastagneto - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title San Cassiano di Baiso
DescriptionThe current historical area is formed by two distinct settlements: the church and the “castle”. Only the bell tower remains from the Baroque church while of the “Castle” we can now see its transformation into a 17th century “villa2. Landslides are endangering the historical structures.
AddressSan Cassiano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Debbia di Baiso
DescriptionIt’s amongst the most antique settlements of the municipal territories of Baiso as is evidenced also by the medieval place-name which recalls a place which was freed of vegetation through burning. Of the antique castle, handed over to the Estensi in 1451, you can see only a ruined tower. ...
AddressDebbia - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title San Romano Baiso
DescriptionSan Romano, situated along the slopes on the right of the Tresinaro torrent, near Mt. Lianella, is one of the most antique hamlets in the Baiso territory. The styles you can see show essentially agricultural characteristics. The current nucleus of San Romano began with the unity of three small ...
AddressSan Romano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Levizzano di Baiso
DescriptionThe hamlet of Levizzano was mentioned in 1061 in a document of the San Tommaso monastery of Reggio Emilia. In this place there must have been a fortified construction, currently the most important building is what probably remains of the “Signore” residence, seat of the power of the Fogliani ...
AddressLevizzano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Baiso
DescriptionBaiso is a high hill town, which is characterized by the ridge that divides the high valleys of the Tresinaro and Lucata torrents, tributaries of the Secchia river. The ridge, of Miocenic formation, shows features of profound erosion, due to the nature of the gray and marly limestone, clay ...
Address42031 Baiso (RE)

Title La Piola di Baiso
DescriptionThe hamlet originated in the middle ages in the XIV - XV century, as is demonstrated by a window with monolithic architrave, now walled. the stylistic and architectural aspect confirm a 17th - 18th century master’s villa arrangement with rural edifices. the historical center is limited to the ...
AddressLa Piola - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Castelvecchio di Baiso
DescriptionThe explanatory chart regarding the structural sty E of the hamlet points out the antique routes such as the stairway entrance and the underpass, along with the radiocentric shape of the center which rose near the area, now partially green, of the castle. In this area noteworthy for its ...
AddressCastelvecchio - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Cassinago Baiso
DescriptionThe current center, situated at the northern foot of the hill on which the castel of Baiso rises, spreading over a strip of adjacent sandstone to a series of calanques noteworthy for their landscape, maintains almost intact its original aspect. The hamlet, surrounded by oak woods, has an ...
AddressCassinago - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title The old mill in Levizzano
DescriptionThe building, restructured and reduced to a different function, already existed at the beginning of the XIX century. The plant, restructured in 1850 was closed in 1898 after construction of the Radici road which closed the adduction canal of the river. Only a few fastening rings of the ...
AddressLevizzano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title The mill of Veratti a Lugo
DescriptionThe mill, still in use, was built i the XVIII century. The plant is of great interest. The stone building has a rectangular layout on two levels with pavillion roof; The plants are made of three horizontal a ritrecne which activate three pairs of grinders enclosed in wooden frames. along the ...
AddressLugo di S. Cassiano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Villa The Borough
DescriptionThe structure is made of stone, with finished off angulars. There are various lights with arched lintel and brick features of elegant craftsmanship. A sandstone ashlar is walled to the impost of the foundation, it is partly worn down, on it there’s the symbol of the six–pointed rose and an ...
AddressLevizzano - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Castle of Debbia Baiso
DescriptionThe big ruined tower is what remains of the antique castle of Debbia, it has a squared ashlar surface and is accessible through an elevated aperture located on the southern façade. The feudal vassals who are connected to it are quite numerous. The first statement of the feud appears in a ...
AddressDebbia - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Casa a Torre dei Vronchi
DescriptionThe tower house is situated inside a rustic complex, located on a rocky outcrop, belonging to the Corti family. the entrance, carved in the rock, is dominated by the small dovecot tower probably made in the 17th century. The dovecot has a square layout and four levels and develops on a ...
Address42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Castle in Baiso
DescriptionThe majestic traces of the Baiso Castle, for centuries seat of noble families, constitute a clear example of an enclosed castle, attributable to the XIII-XIV century. Its equipped configuration was due to the strategic position it occupied, at the center of the furrowed valleys of the ...
Address42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Tower house in Bosco San Romano
DescriptionThe tower house belongs to the Corti family. The 16th century building was erected on a sandstone basement. The dovecot tower which represents the most interesting part of the complex, is attributable to the XVII - XVIII century. It’s arranged on a simple layout with stone structure developed ...
AddressSan Romano wood - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Knights fountaini
DescriptionYear of Building: 1968 Executor: It was realized by Baiso Pro-Loco. Features: hand-manufactured article in squared stone with a central semicircular tympanum, two side benches and a quadrangular basin made of squared and sealed up stones. The only one mouth, made up by an iron fusion, is ...
AddressGargola - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title War Memorial in Baiso
DescriptionWar Memorial which consist of a chalk stone with the Republic coat of arms and relief epigraph It was unveiled onthe 45th anniversay of the National Liberation Day ( 1990) It is the work of the sculptor Giuseppe Iotti and on three sides there are the names of the fallen and the epigraph ...
AddressVia Imovilla - 42031 Baiso (RE)

Title Gravestone in San Cassiano
DescriptionTypology: Gravestone
AddressSan Cassiano - 42031 Baiso (RE)