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Places in historical and artistic value in CASINA (RE)

Title The chuch of Saint George in Cortogno
DescriptionIn 1318 the church of “S. Gargori di Cortogna” is dependent on the Parish of Campiliola and it owes its tithes to this parish. In 1811 the Parish of Cortogno passes from the Vicariate of Castelnovo to that of Paullo. The church presents a simple hut shaped façade with vast trapezoid window ...
AddressCortogno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Church of San Giovanni Battista at Leguigno
DescriptionThe first mention of the church dates back to the year 1022 when the building was awaiting consecration to be opened to worship in honor of S. Giovanni Battista. It rises on territory donated by two spouses of Gombio, a bordering town, probably to facilitate services for residents. In the ...
AddressLeguigno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title The church of Saint Paul in Giandeto
DescriptionA former structure, situated according to Vicar Milani on the left bank of the Dorgola brook it was a modest chapel dedicated to San Paolo. The church appears listed in the Register of Tithes of 1318 along with its rector Ugo as being dependent in 1318 to 1623 on the parish of Baiso. The ...
AddressGiandeto - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria of Pianzo
DescriptionThe foundation of the church is deemed to date back to the Longobard period; its history is intertwined with that of the countryside and of the nearby castle, which was built around the XI century by the Attonidi. Local tradition has it that the castle was built with stones from the antique ...
AddressPianzo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Oratorio di Beleo
DescriptionThe exact year of the foundation of the oratory is unknown, it appears cited starting from 980 in an imperial diploma in which Ottone II confirms the properties of the Reggio Emilia church. The present day construction, instead, would appear to have been erected in the XI century under ...
AddressBeleo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Oratorio del Carobbio
Descriptionthe name Carobbio perhaps comes from the dialect phrase “car dal robi” which means place where the carts carrying goods to sell in the city would stop. From here in fact the old carriage way would pass, it crossed the flat area, through the areas of Pecorile, Paderna, Paullo, Monchi dei ...
AddressSarzano - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Mount Venere
DescriptionAt the end of the last century excavation campaigns were conducted which led to finds from the bronze age. The archeological site of Mt Venere is renown for the abundance of worked metal objects in bronze, which were found there.
AddressAriolo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Sarzano
DescriptionThe medieval settlement of Sarzano dominates the long ridge, which connects Canossa to Marola and Carpineti and was an important stronghold of the fortified system of the Canossa. Sarzano was probably bought by Adalberto Atto in 958. During Matildic times Sarzano was subjected to the ...
AddressSarzano - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Paullo
DescriptionThe place name derives from “padule” or “paule” referring to a small lake or pond which was the dominating landscape feature. The parish of S. Bartolomeo, undoubtedly the most antique, was mentioned for the first time in 980. It is an interesting stop for a visit for the beauty of the ...
AddressPaullo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Monchio dei Ferri
DescriptionThe place-name of this hamlet also known as Monchio di Sarzano or Monchio dei Ferri or dei Rossi, comes from “munticuculus” which means place near a hill. The hamlet situated to the east of the same-name mount, spreads over slopes declining on the left of the Crostolo torrent, in an enviable ...
AddressMonchio dei Ferri - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Leguigno
DescriptionIt was the feud of the Fogliani, of the Bebbi and the Scapinelli. The church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista, was subordinated to the Parish of Campiola of Castelnovo up to 1811 when it was united to that of Paullo. At Leguigno there’s an example of a mill which has survived and is now used ...
AddressLeguigno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Pianzo
DescriptionHaving survived a weak roman dominion it grew stronger during the middle ages with the construction in the vital center of the territory, of the church in the place where the antique market or the assembly and the religious congregations were, on the tallest site of the rock. Pianzo is also ...
AddressPianzo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Casina
DescriptionThe municipal territory spreads outs over t he spur which marks the dividing line between the basins of Secchia and Enza, near the springs of the Crostolo torrent and along the winding state road of the Cerreto Pass. Located in the middle of the Reggiano hills, it’s tallest peaks don’t ...
Address42034 Casina (RE)

Title Croveglia
DescriptionThis small fortified hamlet, mentioned since 1218, maintains its environmental characteristics, squeezed between Mount Novella and Mount Arno, facing with its two massive towers the bottom of the Tresinaro valley. Croveglia rises amongst a very charming landscape and the buildings are between ...
AddressCroveglia - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Montale
DescriptionMontale spreads out on the valley of the Tassobbio torrent. The area retains historical and prehistorical aspects which date back to the bronze age. It is the most populated hamlet of the Pianzo municipality, made up of two centers which occupy the peaks of two hills next to each other. The ...
AddressMontale - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Beleo di Casina
DescriptionThe court of Beleo appears to have been mentioned in documents of the year 980. The oratory, whose name seems to be of Longobard origin, has been completely restored as it must have appeared during Matildic times, recuperating the Romanesque parts.
AddressBeleo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Vercallo
DescriptionVercallo is a rural nucleus laid out on a small terrace between Mt. Pulce and the deep valley of Rio Cerezzola. It doesn’t have elements prior to the 16th century, but its compact center gives it a characteristic aspect of timeless rural hamlet. You can easily notice the exiguity of ...
AddressVercallo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Cortogno
DescriptionThe hamlet, which probably dates back to the middle ages, is mentioned only from the 14th century. The 18th century church is dedicated to San Giorgio, whereas the rectory bears a sandstone slab carved out with bas reliefs dating back to the 16th century. A few dwellings in the two centers, ...
AddressCortogno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Bergogno
DescriptionIt is among one of the best preserved hamlets of the entire Reggiano territory and very interesting environmentally and architecturally. The hamlet follows the ancient mule path from Paullo to Canossa and occupies a prominent knoll in the Campola valley. The Pegolotti counts resided here and ...
AddressBergogno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title The mill of Leguigno
DescriptionThe stone construction is spread over three levels and has a double layered roof and retains inside two pairs of grinders activated by horizontal mixing wheels, further down there are two other pairs of grinders which used the force of the water moved by the previous ones. Its style suggests ...
AddressLeguigno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Castle of Leguigno
DescriptionOf the Leguigno castle there’s a modest sized central body left which is framed by two towers which can be outlined from afar. Only the outside can be seen including the walls and part of the inside garden. Two walls arranged in a square and equipped with angular towers surround the building ...
AddressLeguigno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title The court of Costa Medolana a Sarzano
DescriptionIt’s an elegant court complex, probably dating back to the XVII – XVIII century used as a rural edifice. The volume is wide and has a stone structure. On the façade there’s an archivolted portal with upper oculus. On the top there’s a small dovecot with an eave border contoured with an arch ...
AddressSarzano - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Casa a Torre di Bergogno
DescriptionThe tower house is part of a remarkable 16th century complex which belongs to the Giovanardi counts and has a quadrangular layout and dovecot tower. it has a stone structure with angular ashlar and eve cornice with contoured corbels. The windows are regular and squared with monolithic ...
AddressBergogno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title The court of Croveglia di Giandeto
DescriptionThe hamlet, of exceptional historic and artistic interest, is arranged around a court complex dominated by two massive tower houses imposed in scarp wall fashion on a rocky base. The stone structure with “opus incertum” surface has polished angulars. Small-corbelled apertures and dovecot ...
AddressCroveglia - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Lezzolo di Paullo
DescriptionThe tower house, which once belonged to the Montruccoli family, had a noble aspect and was supported by a small dovecot tower attributable to the XVII - XVIII century. To this a rustic is attached where you can still see an elegant open gallery with four archivolted windows and an open ...
AddressPaullo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Vaglio
DescriptionThe tower house of Vaglio, probably of the 15th century, has a wide dovecot defined by brick designs. In the late 1600’s it was embellished with a double open gallery formed by three orders with small circular sectioned mullions and ogival arches. It is, even using traditional decorative ...
AddressVaglio di Sopra - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Monchio di Sarzano
DescriptionThe house has a court layout enclosed by a wall and spreading over two characteristic towers. The court descends southward. the stone structures are attributable to the XVI - XVII century. The first tower, the most ancient, rises on four floors. The roof is made of roof tiles imposed on an ...
AddressMonchio dei Ferri - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Fortress of Sarzano
DescriptionThe most important monumental property of the Casina territory is the Castle of Sarzano with the annexed hamlet. It was mentioned in an antique deal of sale of Atto Adalberto, ancestor of Countess Matilde’s, of 958. The castle was to defend the road, which climbed from Reggio Emilia towards ...
AddressSarzano - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Montale
DescriptionThe roof of the dwelling is double weathered with brick surface. The dovecot bears traces of frescos on the surface and is defined by a brick border arranged in a saw-edged fashion surmounted by a wheel window. The walling is heterogeneous and is made of stone and lime and on it there’s a ...
AddressMontale - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Brugna di Paullo
DescriptionIt’s a typical house with tower and open gallery of the XVII century. The tower is at this point only a simple “decorative” feature with residential function, the dovecot in the attic is still in use.
AddressPaullo - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Tower house in Cologno
DescriptionThe small dovecot tower, isolated in the territory, has a stone structure and four-layered roof made of roof tiles. Two linear dovecot borders spread along the sides. On the corners there are glazed tiles to prevent rodents from climbing up. The structure belongs to the XVII century. These ...
AddressCologno - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Canderietta fountain
DescriptionYear of building: restructured in 1988 Design engineer: Fiorini, surveyor for the municipal technical office. Executor: Commune of Casina Features: exploiting a previous tank which used to collect the waters from the spring called Canderietta, this fountain was made by covering the old ...
AddressCarnatta - 42034 Casina (RE)

Title Obelisk in Casina
DescriptionTypology: Obelisk
AddressOutside the cemetary - 42034 Casina (RE)