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Places in historical and artistic value in CANOSSA (RE)

Title Furnace in Ciano d'Enza
DescriptionIt’s a lime kiln situated on the right of the irrigation channel of the same name that flows into the Enza river. It dates back to around the second half of the 19th century. Inside limestone extracted from Nerviano degli Arduini was worked.
Address42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Excavations archaeology area of Luceria
DescriptionAnalytical text Within studies whose purpose it is to investigate the Romano-Ligurian presence in the Apennine area, in particular in minor centers, the voluntary associations and the Town have done research in the area. The Archeological commission for Emilia Romagna is leading excavations ...
Address42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Compiano
DescriptionIn the area there are many characteristic open galleries with arches supported by stone or brick mullions which open onto the first floor of numerous dwellings of the 17th – 18th century. The parochial church, with 16th century plan was already built in1230. Taking a climbing carriage road, ...
AddressCompiano - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Corte dei Paoli a Pietranera di Vedriano
DescriptionThe Paoli houses represent a praiseworthy complex that local tradition indicates as an antique friar convent. After passing the entrance portal you enter in to a small paved court on which at the front there’s a long open gallery with eight archivolted lights supported by cylindrical ...
AddressPietranera - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Carbonizzo
DescriptionThe buildings are placed on a tall escarpment which descends into the underlying fluvial plateau of the Enza river, the location is definitely of antique origin as is demonstrated by the antique walls of a few constructions which bear traces of late medieval portals and 17th - 18th century ...
AddressCarbonizzo - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Vedriano
DescriptionThe hamlet, of clear medieval origin is characterized by a long series of buildings which wind along on the side of the carriage way which leads to the bottom of the valley; the long stone walls which rise on the side of the road show signs of the continuous rebuilding which took place over ...
AddressVedriano - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Cerezzola
DescriptionThe center retains in part the medieval form and characteristics: the buildings are made of stone with very thick walls, small windows, and a few balconies. The antique hamlet of Cerezzola is made of a thick cluster of rural buildings next to a tower house which rises as a presidio of the ...
AddressCerezzola - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Cerredolo de' Coppi
DescriptionThe name is connected to the surrounding Turkey oaks woods while the “Coppi” refers to the active brick industry, which was flourishing up to the 19th century thanks to the clay which is abundantly found at the bottom of the hill. The ruins of the fort of the same name, visible on the peak ...
AddressCerredolo de' Coppi - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Rossena
DescriptionIn this hamlet there’s the best kept fort of the municipal territory of Canossa. Immediately at the bottom of the fort, on its eastern side, there’s the hamlet of the same name constituted by a double row of buildings built on the side of the main road, the multiple constructions have not ...
AddressRossena - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Canossa
DescriptionCiano d’Enza is situated on the shores of the Enza river where the valley starts to narrow near the slopes of the first hills of the Apennines. The communal administrative capital built around two vast squares, is found on the right side of the Enza torrent, at the foot of the hill where the ...
AddressCanossa - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Borgo Vico
DescriptionThe strategic importance of this very antique communications road contributed to the creation of tower houses with precise functions to garrison and offer advance defense against the forts of Canossa and Rossena behind the antique towers of Vico. You can still the one, which belonged to the ...
AddressBorgo Vico - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Rocchetto mill
DescriptionThe building, in activity, was restructured in 1980 bringing about a few changes also to the devices. Inside there are interesting examples of furnishings, equipment and traditional accessories still in use. The building has a stone and brick structure and is arranged on two floors with ...
AddressRoncaglio - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Tower house in Cerredolo de' Coppi
DescriptionOne of the first houses, entering the hamlet of Cerredolo, has a characteristic tower, well built and maintained belonging to the Muscatelli family. It has a stone structure with four-layered roof of the 16th century. A large brick dovecot cornice, with saw-edged motif runs around it while ...
AddressCerredolo de' Coppi - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title The tower of Rossenella
DescriptionThe tower, as a fort, rises on the two peaks of a volcanic formation having a unique two-headed profile. It is oriented according to cardinal coordinates, with the long sides facing north and south and the short sides facing east and west. At the foot of the entrance there’s a cistern for ...
AddressRossena - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Castle of Canossa
DescriptionThe excellent strategic position of this castle has constituted a natural strong point since time immemorable; Historians are not in agreement as to when exactly the fort was built: according to some it was erected in the middle of the X century by Atto Adelberto, according to others the IX ...
AddressCanossa - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Tower house in Solara a Roncaglio
DescriptionAt the entrance to the village you can see the tower house belonging to the Marconi family. It has a stone structure with four-layered roof and brief dovecot border. On the southern side it bears an ashlar with the date 1799. Following the road there’s a second tower house of the Marconi’s It ...
AddressSolara di Roncaglio Place - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Casa a Torre di Cà Carli a Compiano
DescriptionThe tower house is made of stone with four-layered roof. At the base there’s an architraved bunged portal of the XV century with floral decorations in the ogee relief. On the top you can see a large linear dovecot cornice. The cart entrance is made of a wide 18th century portal with stone ...
AddressCompiano - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Castle of Rossena
DescriptionAccording to some historians, Atto Adalberto, great-grandfather of Matilde of Canossa, started construction of the castle in 950, according to others it was erected by means of Bonifacio of Canossa, Matilde’s father. Around 1070 Bonifacio canossa, Duke and Marquee of Tuscany, conceded to the ...
AddressRossena - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Petrarca temple
DescriptionFrancesco Petrarca went to Selvapiana to have a rest and write surrounded by nature - in 1341 he went to Rossena Castle - and here he finished his poem Africa . To remember this in 1838 - 1847 Duchess Maria Luigia made this temple built in Selvapiana and decorated by Francesco Scaramuzza - ...
AddressSelavpiana - 42026 Canossa (RE)

Title Obelisk in Ciano d'Enza
DescriptionTypology: Obelisk
AddressMatteotti Square - 42026 Canossa (RE)