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Places in historical and artistic value in COLLAGNA (RE)

Title The church of Saint Peter in Vallisnera
DescriptionThe parochial church dedicated to S. Pietro rises isolated near the median center. Even though it was restored various times it still retains the antique shape of a nave and two aisles and has a wooden plates covering. A portal which leads to the rectory has the year “1689” on the architrave, ...
AddressVia Lago Calamone, 20 - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title The church of Saint Bartolomeo in Collagna
DescriptionThe parochial church, which has the following inscription on its façade: “D.O.M. – B.B.P. –AN. JUB. 1650”, greatly restructured after the second half of the XX century, does not have any particularly noteworthy features. It has an ogival arcade and three altars. The adjoining rectory, built ...
AddressVia Roma, 59 - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Church of San Giovanni Batttista at Cerreto Alpi
DescriptionIn 1648 works to increase the size and restoration were carried out on the San Giovanni Battista Church of Cerreto Alpi. In 1705 it was described as being “scandulata” and having a single nave with three altars.The sandstone portal with squared light on its façade is surmounted by a broken ...
AddressVia Della Chiesa - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title The church of San Prospero in Valbona
DescriptionThe church of San Prospero, whose origin is uncertain, in 1543 risked falling into ruins. In 1705 the structure of the church was based on a small, squared nave covered by plates. At the end of the XIX century the building was unstable because of the soil from landslides. The antique church ...
AddressValbona - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Metati in Cerreto Alpi
DescriptionWithin the extensive chestnut woods situated on the northern border of the arenaceous hill which surmounts the hamlet of Cerreto Alpi, you can see a few interesting “Metati” for chestnuts. These structures were used to preserve and desiccate the chestnuts. among these there’s a building ...
AddressCerreto Alpi - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Acquabona
DescriptionIn the lower part of the Collagna municipality, to the north of the administrative capital, you find Acquabona whose houses, one next to the other, seem to ask for protection from the ancient chestnut woods which act as an embankment to the rocky peaks of Mount Ventasso. The church of the ...
AddressAcquabona - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Collagna
DescriptionCollagna is the tallest of the Reggiano municipalities which spreads out along the SS 63 towards La Spezia through the Cerreto Pass. According to local tradition the name would seem to derive from “Collis Agni” hill of the lamb, meaning the antique and rooted diffusion of stock raising in ...
AddressCollagna - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Vallisnera
DescriptionVallisnera is divided into two hamlets with the parochial church in the center. The hamlet of Vallisnera roughly interrupts a narrow valley situated on the side of the southern slope of Mt. Ventasso. The hamlet is of ancient origins and has given its name to one of the most important feudal ...
AddressVallisnera - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Cerreto Alpi
DescriptionThe town of Cerreto Alpi retains a historical center of great architectural interest. The town is divided into 3 big housing centers, named respectively, the 2Pizza”, the “Stette”, Furloni houses, which occupy the peak of a narrow arenaceous ridge wedged in the delta of the Cerretano canal ...
AddressCerreto Alpi - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Valbona
DescriptionValbona is situated at the center of a fertile valley protected fro the winds by the surrounding mountain system. Marble icons within the hamlet are of interest as they characterize the streets of the hamlet and the nearby meadows. On the north-western side of the hamlet to the side of an ...
AddressValbona - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title Monument to Cesare Zavattini
DescriptionTypology: It is a stone sculpture made by Remo Belletti.
AddressCerreto Alpi - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title War Memorial in Collagna
DescriptionThis is a temple shaped white marble monument constituted by two columns which support an architrave, between them there is a gravestone on which the following word are carved: "TO THE VALIANTS OF COLLAGNA/FALLEN/FOR THE BIGNESS OF ITALY/ITALIAN-AUSTRIAN WAR/1915-1918". In the cement base a ...
AddressDella Vittoria Square - 42037 Collagna (RE)

Title War Memorial - Cerreto Alpi
DescriptionIt is a stone with two decorated gravestones .At the center there is a statue of San Francesco. The two marble layer date back to the period immediately after the war. Left gravestone :" In memory of the best men , with their sacrifice defended their home". Right gravestone:" Bless god your ...
AddressCerreto Alpi - 42037 Collagna (RE)