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Places in historical and artistic value in GUALTIERI (RE)

Title Museum "Antonio Ligabue"
DescriptionThe museum is located in one of the houses of Gualtieri, where for a few years, lived and painted the painter Antonio Ligabue.
Addressvia Giardino, 27 - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Museum dedicated to Naive Art painter "Antonio Ligabue"
DescriptionThe museum hosts copies of pictures by Naive-Art painter Antonio Ligabue (Zurich 1899 - Gualtieri 1965), documents concerning his life, as well as Tirelli Donation (collection of theatre costumes).
Addresspiazza Bentivoglio - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Parish Church of Santa Maria della Neve
DescriptionThe church is located in Piazza Bentivoglio in the town centre of Gualtieri and the fa├žade is north-facing.
Addresspiazza Bentivoglio - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Church of Santa Vittoria Vergine
DescriptionIt was built on the ruins of the primitive construction of the late 1500s which was desired first by Cornelio Bentivoglio and then by Ippolito Bentivoglio to sanctify a victory over the French by the papal militia of Pope Julius II.
Addressstrada Statale 63, 265 - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Church of the Santissima Annunziata
DescriptionThe church is in the Baroque style, though its sober appearance also shows a Renaissance imprint.
Addressvia Ghiarone, 81 - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Church of Sant'Andrea
DescriptionErected in the 11th century as a simple chapel, the church became a parish church in the 12th century.
Addresspiazza Felice Cavallotti - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Social Theatre
DescriptionThe theatre is located inside the monumental complex of Palazzo Bentivoglio, big fortress-palace, built between the late XVI century and the early XVII century.
Addresspiazza IV Novembre - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Palazzo Greppi
DescriptionThe Palazzo was built by the Greppi family of Milan, who had received from the House of Este a large estate near Santa Vittoria (Gualtieri). The Palazzo is in the centre of the village.
Addressstrada Statale 63 - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Palazzo Bentivoglio
DescriptionThe Palazzo houses the Documentary Museum, the Antonio Ligabue Study Centre and the Umberto Tirelli Donation. Open to the public are the Sala di Icaro, the Chapel, and Sala di Enea and the Sala dei Falegnami.
Addresspiazza IV Novembre - 42044 Gualtieri

Title Civic Tower
DescriptionThe Civic Tower sits high above the surrounding porticoes and with its wide pointed archway is both an entrance into the square and an architectural accompaniment into the beautiful street of via Vittorio Emanuele.

Title Piazza Bentivoglio
DescriptionA perfect square,each side measuring one hundred metres
Addresspiazza Bentivoglio - 42044 Gualtieri