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Places in historical and artistic value in LIGONCHIO (RE)

Title Church of Sant' Anna at Ospitaletto
DescriptionThe construction of the church of Sant’ Anna, at the orders of Captain Orazio Ceccardi, dates back to 1658. The disastrous earthquake of 1920 almost completely destroyed the town with the exception of the bell tower of the church and one house. The construction of the present church, ...
AddressOspitaletto - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Chiesa di San Rocco a Casalino
DescriptionThe oratory of San Rocco dates back to 1651. In 1819 the building was enlarged and transformed in to a parish church. The church is characterized by a court design with a two water roof On the facade, in open stone, there is an architraved entrance door and a monofora surmounted by a stone ...
AddressCasalino - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Chrch of Santa Margherita di Montecagno
DescriptionThe oratory of Santa Margherita and San Rocco probably dates back to the XVI century. In 1631, during the Plague, it was enlarged and in 1647 it became a parish at the request of the inhabitants of the town. In the second half of the XIX century the church was completely restructured. In ...
AddressMontecagno - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Church of Saint Basilide of Piolo
DescriptionFrom the church of San Basilide, even if you can easily imagine it being there from the time when the rock itself was created, was first reported in 1378. It was independent of the Parish of Minozzo. On 3 November 1781 the church was made an archpriestship.
AddressPiolo - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Church of the Most Sacred Savior at Vaglie
DescriptionAt the peak of a hill on the far northern part of town there’s a chapel that indicates the place where up to the 7th of September 1920 the parish church stood which dated back to the second half of the XVI century. The enormous quake of that day caused the church to collapse and the ...
AddressVaglie - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Metati in Vaglie
DescriptionMetati are small stone and wood constructions used to dry chestnuts from which , once ground, become edible cooking flour. In the high altitude mountains chestnuts were a fundamental part of the diet up to the 1950’s. A few metati are located to the south-west of the village of Vaglie. ...
AddressLe Vaglie - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title La Loggia
Description“Loggia” is a small inhabited hamlet to the right of the Ozola torrent, characterized in past centuries by four stone water mills with arches as passageways for the water, which were already registered in a hydrographic document of 1888. Presently there are three left. The oratory of the ...
AddressLa Loggia - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Casalino
DescriptionThe village is composed of three inhabited centers: “Casalino”, “Case Bracchi”, and “Loggia”. In Casalino there’s a church dedicated to San Rocco, built in 1651 with a court foundation and a pitch roof. The facade is made of stone and you can see a slab with the inscription “IHS ADI 6 ...
AddressCasalino - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Ospitaletto
DescriptionOspitaletto, located in the valley of the torrent Rossendola, was a feud of Matilde di Canossa. Tradition narrates that it was the Contessa Matilde herself who wanted to build a hospice, from which Ospitaletto derives its name, to feed and refresh travelers, who lost and tired would descend ...
AddressOspitaletto - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Corte dei Papi
DescriptionA court building complex among the most significant of the Reggiano mountains with an oratory dedicated to the Sacred Family. The complex is made of essentially four parts which define a closed quadrangular courtyard: the entrance portal, the small church, the portico and the residential ...
AddressCasenove - Le Vaglie - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Vaglie
DescriptionVaglie has its etymology in the Latin term “vagus”, or rather “wandering”, which harkens back to the wanderings of many peoples among which the Ligurians who settled in this territory. In the village a fortified structure probably rise, this is attested by a buttress made in wrought stone ...
AddressVaglie - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Case Bracchi
DescriptionThe name “Case Bracchi” apparently comes from the fact that there were “bracchi” (hunting hounds) guarding the village.
AddressCase Bracchi - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Ligonchio
DescriptionLigonchio, at 1000 m above sea level, is the highest of the towns of the Reggiano Apennines. Located between the splendid Ozola and Secchia valleys, near the slopes of Mount Cusna, the town is composed of two inhabited areas located at the base of Mount della Croce “La Valla” and “Ligonchio ...
Address42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title The mill ofLigonchio
DescriptionThe mill, which probably dates back to the 1600’s, among one of the oldest in the Reggiano Apennines, is in juxtaposed stone. It was restructured and transformed in to a private residence. From the eastern view of the construction certain original lights from the 1600’ s open, framed in ...
AddressMulino dell'Ozola - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Rural house inVaglie
DescriptionThe rural building is on the eastern border of the village. It still has its original architectural foundation, dating back t the 18th - 19th centuries. The facade is made of stone slabs with a “a due acque” roof, the raised portal is quadrangular with regular jambs and decorated with ...
AddressVaglie - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Fountain in Ligonchio
DescriptionYear of Building: 1929. Features: stony shaped niche with a central cover made of brickwork, brick basin with a stone border; a tap. . On the central stone a bit worn-out writing is sculptured: " TEMPERET UNDA FLAMMAM XXVIII - X - MCMXXIX - A - VII ". It means: "Oh Water, Estinguish The ...
AddressLigonchio di sopra - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title Scodellino fountain
DescriptionYear of Building: 1993 Design Engineer: specialized road worker Bianchi Costante. Executor: specialized road worker Bianchi Costante, with the help of a group of local retired men. Features: realized on three fronts made of stone squared pointed slabs, with a basin, three equal mouths in ...
Address18 SP near the hydroelectric generating station - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title War Memorial a Enzo Bagnoli
DescriptionThe monument is constituted by an white marble allegoric bas-relief where a parisan is portrayed, and in its interior there is a glazed picture of the fallen. The whole munument structure is made in tuff and is placed inside an area surrounded by a flowerbed. The gravestone below is made by ...
AddressVia Enzo Bagnoli - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)

Title War Memorial - Cinquecerri
DescriptionThe sculpture made of white marble was made by the sculptor Ricci from Aosta.The three figures portraied want to convey the idea of the suffering, the sacrifice and the violence that the people from these places had to feel during the war. The unveil was on 15 august 1974: Inside there is a ...
AddressCinquecerri - 42039 Ligonchio (RE)