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Places in historical and artistic value in RAMISETO (RE)

Title Church of Saints Vincenzo ed Anastasio in Pieve San Vincenzo
DescriptionThis church, a very antique Parish of the Parmesan bishopric, is cited in documents of 1230. Tradition has it that this church was built by countess Matilde di Canossa, who had different estates in this area. In the inventory of 1664 we read: “newly restored church made with new wood, with ...
AddressPieve S. Vincenzo - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title The church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Cereggio
DescriptionIn the year 1643 the oratory of San Francesco of Assisi was built, it then became a parochial church. In 1705 it resulted as “sita est in eminenti colle…est satis angusta, tabulata, dealbata cununico altari ad occidem”. The present day church, small with two altars, dates back to 1751 while ...
AddressCereggio - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta at Nigone
DescriptionThe Santa Maria Assunta church is registered in 1318 amongst the churches dependent on the Campiliola Parish. In 1543 it was given the title of priorate. During his visit in 1664 Bishop Marliani describes it as “tabulata” (with a wooden ceiling) In 1705 it had a single wooden ceiling nave ...
AddressNigone - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Chiesa di San Rocco a Gazzolo
DescriptionIn 1230 the Chapel “de gazzo” was dependant on the parish of San Vincenzo, in the diocese of Parma and, only after the middle of the XIV century did it pas to the diocese of Reggio Emilia. In 1637 the oratory of San Rocco was erected as independent parochial church subject at first to the ...
AddressGazzolo - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Church of San Bartolomeo at Camporella
DescriptionThe “capelle de Caporelli” appears in the addition to the Register of Tithes of 1230 as dependent on the San Vincenzo Parish. In the 18th century the church dedicated to San Bartolomeo appears to be united to the parochial of Vaestano. In the Saladini Synod of 1691 it is included among the ...
AddressCamporella - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Church of Saints Cipriano and Giustina of Ramiseto
DescriptionThe church dedicated to the Saints Cipriano and Giustina was already mentioned in 1256. In 1664 (when Shakespeare was born) the church was considered “antique” having a central semi-circular abside, oriented liturgically and tabulated. In an inventory of 1649 the old church resulted s having ...
AddressVia Della Chiesa - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Maestà di Ramiseto
DescriptionIn the municipality of Ramiseto there are numerous majesties and Carrara marble icons located in mural niches or imposed on small pilasters. At Miscoso there’s a 19th century majesty; at the San Vincenzo parish of Poviglio at Ramiseto there are two 18th century marble icons; at Montemiscoso ...
Address42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Portale ad arco - Cecciola
DescriptionThe hamlet has various interesting buildings and architectural features, in the town you can see numerous different shaped portals: the most antique found up to now is with composed jambs bearing the year “1592” on the architrave. The hamlet of Cecciola retains different marble bas-reliefs ...
AddressCecciola - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Cecciola
DescriptionCecciola, antique domain of the Vallisneri, was connected to the parmesan area through a mule road, in part paved, which led to Vairo going beyond the Enza river on an antique arch bridge, now destroyed. Local tradition maintains that this bridge was built by Matilde di Canossa to connect ...
AddressCecciola - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Gazzolo
DescriptionThe center is situated near the place where the castle known as “Delle gazze” rose and of which there are a few ruins left. the church of Gazzolo, erected in 1637, presents a quadrangular portal surmounted by a frontispiece in relief interrupted by a marble icon depicting San Rocco to whom ...
Address42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Nigone
DescriptionThe church of Nigone rises near a steep outcropping of volcanic rocks which dominate the underlying Liocca Valley. to the west of the hamlet the ruins of an antique fort stand out, rooted on the peak of a sandstone pinnacle. The combined presence of the church and the fort, attests to the ...
AddressNigone - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Montedello
DescriptionThe hamlet shows an urban plan of Linear type with accentuated defensive character. It is likely that in Medieval times there was a fort but of this antique fortified complex there is only a tower left which surmounts a mule track which crosses the hamlet. At Montedello there are a few of ...
AddressMontedello - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Miscoso
DescriptionThe rural nucleus faces eat in a position protected from strong western winds. To the east of the hamlet, in a fresh and sheltered position, there’s a vast chestnut wood which spreads out while a little further south you can still take the antique mule-track towards the old mill, fed by the ...
AddressMiscoso - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Succiso
DescriptionThe urban plan of the hamlet is characterized by a conformation of scattered centers. The unstable nature of the soil has caused different landslides which have taken place over the years. Within the center of the hamlet situated at a lower altitude numerous carved sandstone constructions ...
AddressSucciso - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Ramiseto
DescriptionThe municipality of Ramiseto is enclosed within a wooded basin, threatened by landslides, which spreads out between the peaks of Mt. Ventasso, Succisio Alpe and the right bank of the Enza and a the center of which different branches of the Lonza torrent converge in a fan shape. The municipal ...
Address42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Cereggio
DescriptionShort historical notes The village is placed on the northern slopes of Cereggio coast, protected by a calcareous-marly col looking on to the Enza River valley. Member of the Roman Empire became Villa of Vairo commune;it belonged to the imperial jurisdiction and in commenda to the Duchi of ...
AddressCereggio - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Briselli mill
DescriptionThe Briselli mill of Cecciola started its activity in 1853. It was destroyed by a flood in 1972. The plant was fed by water from the Liocca torrent which activated three grinders with horizontal wooden wheels. The equipment and mechanisms are still completely preserved. The building has a ...
AddressCecciola - Fiume Liocca - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Mocchi mill
DescriptionThe Mocchi mill rises on the right of the Liocca torrent and was abandoned in 1955. It had two grinders connected to the same number of horizontal wheels. The stone building has a hall - shape layout and is arranged in two levels. On the façade there’s a marble icon depicting the crowned ...
AddressSucciso - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Adani mill
DescriptionThe stone building is on a single level with double -weathered roof and retains two pairs of grinders with relative wooden frames. Inside the vault for the water passage, you can see the machinery which was put out of use in 1985, made up of two horizontal a ritrecne wheels. The mill’s ...
AddressPieve S. Vincenzo - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Casalini mill
DescriptionThe mill is situated to the right of the Andrella torrent, which feeds it. The plant is fed by a derivation which activates two horizontal wheels. The single - room building was made in the first half of the 1700’s and still works today.
AddressPieve San Vincenzo - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Vallisneri House
DescriptionOn the upper edge of the Nigone hamlet there’s the dwelling of the Vallisneri, last feudal lords of the hamlet. To be pointed out is the Squared portal, made of sandstone with architrave bearing the coat of arms of the family and the year 1782. Noteworthy is also the original wooden arch in ...
AddressNigone - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Three fountains
DescriptionYear of Building: 1934 Design engineer: (Cav. Dott.) Metello Sicher engineer. who has already been head engineer of the Province technical office. Features: this magnificent fountain was made of squared and polished stone, with mouldings, cornices and friezes, stone shaped basin, two ...
AddressLugolo - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)

Title Monument to the fallen people - Ramiseto
DescriptionTypology: Tombstone
AddressOld School Square - 42030 Ramiseto (RE)