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Places in historical and artistic value in RIO SALICETO (RE)

Title Church of San Giorgio
DescriptionThe church has very early origins and was reconstructed in Neoclassical style in 1879. The façade has three portals and round windows. The bell tower is 36 metres tall.
Addressvia dei Martiri, 5 - 42010 Rio Saliceto

Title Municipal Theatre
DescriptionThe Teatro Comunale is known by the citizens of Rio Saliceto as the Cinema Teatro Montanari, after its first owner. The theatre was built during the first decade of the 1900s when Rio Saliceto, based on the ambitious urban plan of the engineer Pier Giacinto Terrachini, grew in terms of the number of
Addressvia Giuseppe Garibaldi, 28 - 42010 Rio Saliceto

Title Palazzo Diamanti
DescriptionThe building was the head office of L’Enologica, the first Italian institution with an explicitly cooperative organisation that set itself to producing and selling wine.
AddressVia Giuseppe Garibaldi - 42010 Rio Saliceto

Title Town Hall
DescriptionHaving received administrative autonomy in 1860, the seat of the local council – previously located in rooms in the rectory adapted to that use – was inaugurated on 23 October 1889.
Addresspiazza Giosué Carducci - 42010 Rio Saliceto