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Places in historical and artistic value in SCANDIANO (RE)

Title Ferri Agostino Collection
DescriptionPrivate collection of objects of daily use with several sections: agricultural tools, from the kitchen to the countryside. Interesting collection dedicated to the profession of barber, magazines and books about local history.
Addressvia Cà Demiani, 11 - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of Santa Maria Vergine
DescriptionDedicated originally to the Virgin Mary and subsequently to Our Lady of the Assumption, the church is mentioned among those existing in the province in the year 1000.
Addressvia Pagliani, 16 - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of the Cappuccini
DescriptionIn 1622, the Marquis Ottavio Thiene donated four biolche of land to the Capuchin friars to be used for building a church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua with adjacent monastery.
Addressviale San Francesco - 42019 Scandiano

Title Archpresbyterate Church of the Nativity of Blessed Mary Virgin - Parish Church of Santa Maria
DescriptionThe parish church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary has a tripartite facade surmounted by a large curved pediment.
Addresspiazza Matteo Maria Boiardo - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of San Giuseppe
DescriptionThe church was built in the first half of the 16th century outside the castle walls on the site of a small chapel officiated by the Confraternity of St. Joseph.
Addresscorso Vallisneri - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of San Ruffino
DescriptionIn 944 the Òecclesiam san Rufini positiam in loco Ventuso was named.
Addressvia Larga - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of Iano
DescriptionThe church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. The facade has a sloping roof with pilaster strips in the corners and upper pediment.
Addressvia Seminario - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of Pratissolo
DescriptionMentioned in a document of 1288 as being under the governance of the parish church of Fogliano, in the early 1500s it was joined to the Consortium of the Priests of Scandiano.
Addressvia Rosario - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of St. John the Baptist
DescriptionThe church of St. John the Baptist is situated on the right bank of the Tresinaro river, behind the moat of the old castle.
Addressvia Sant'Anna - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of Ventoso
DescriptionSituated a short distance from the Torricella castle, the church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption and dates to the year 912, mentioned in an act by Berengario.
Addressvia Strucchi, 27 - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of San Giacomo Maggiore
DescriptionThe church dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore was first mentioned in 1302 as one of the chapels dependent on the Parish Church of Castellarano.
AddressVia Brolo sotto - 42019 Scandiano

Title Church of Fellegara
DescriptionThe original layout of the church of San Savino dates to the early 16th century.
Addressvia Brugnoletta - 42019 Scandiano

Title Casa Spallanzani
DescriptionThe most impressive façade on Via Magati is the birthplace of Lazzaro Spallanzani, known as Casa Spallanzani.

Title Palazzo Municipale
DescriptionThe original urban establishment dates back to the XVI century. The present layout results from a building intervention that ended in 1912.

Title Boiardo Fortress
DescriptionThe stronghold, first core of the town, was the symbol of political power in Scandiano for eight centuries. The complex includes medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures.
Addressviale della Rocca - 42019 Scandiano

Title Arceto Castle
DescriptionThe castle is mentioned for the first time in a Nonantola charter of 883. It was then given to the Bishops of Reggio Emilia by Emperor Otto I in a charter of 962.
Addresspiazza Castello - 42019 Scandiano

Title Civic Tower or Clock Tower
DescriptionOriginally it was the entry gate to the old residential quarter, commissioned by Feltrino Boiardo in the first half of the 15th century.
Addressvia Garibaldi - 42019 Scandiano

Title Dondena Bagnoli Castle
DescriptionThe castle was built in the latter half of the 19th century and reflects the updated neo-medieval style which was popular at that time. It is privately owned and can be viewed from the outside.
Addressstrada Provinciale 7 - 42019 Scandiano

Title Castello della Torricella
DescriptionOn the hills of Ventoso, a few miles from Scandiano, the Torricella was built after 1335, by the family Da Fogliano. (privatly owned)
Addressvia Monte Evangelo - 42019 Scandiano

Title Gypsum Castle
DescriptionOnly a few traces remain of the Castello del Gesso (Gypsum Castle), whose name comes from the local presence of this mineral.
Addressvia Colombaia - 42019 Scandiano

Title Piazza della Libertà
DescriptionConnected to Piazza Duca d’Aosta by an attractive stairway open at the centre by a balustrade, on the site of the moat of the old castle.
Addresspiazza della Libertà- 42019 Scandiano

Title Via Garibaldi
DescriptionVia Garibaldi follows the course of the old castle moat.
Addressvia Garibaldi - 42019 Scandiano

Title Corso Vallisneri
DescriptionCorso Vallisneri was planned by Giovanni Boiardo and his son Giulio in the first half of the 16th century.
AddressCorso Vallisneri - 42019 Scandiano

Title Piazza Spallanzani
DescriptionThe urban layout of the square can be dated back to the early fifteenth century, it was in 1548 that Giulio Boiardo began square Spallanzani (old main square).
Addresspiazza Spallanzani - 42019 Scandiano

Title Via Cesare Magati
DescriptionThe present Via Cesare Magati, called the Castle in time, via the clock and via Lazzaro Spallanzani, was three hundred years the main street of Scandiano.
Addressvia Cesare Magati - 42019 Scandiano

Title Via Marconi
DescriptionThe street that directly connects Piazzale Castellano with Via Vallisneri (and the façade of the Church of San Giuseppe) is the old Via San Gioseffo, now called Via Marconi.
Addressvia Marconi - 42019 Scandiano

Title Piazza Matteo Maria Boiardo
DescriptionPiazza Matteo Maria Boiardo, once called Piazza Castellana, is the oldest and most attractive square of the town.
Addresspiazza Matteo Maria Boiardo - 42019 Scandiano

Title Via Crucis
DescriptionLeaving the Parco della Resistenza and walking northward along a brief section of road with pedestrian pavement, you reach a tree-lined path.
Addressvia Crucis - 42019 Scandiano

Title Piazza Fiume
DescriptionEnclosed on all four sides by tall buildings, Piazza Fiume opens out within the perimeter of the old castle. It occupies the place where once were the old quarters, demolished in 1915.
AddressPiazza Fiume - 42019 Scandiano

Title Via della Rocca
DescriptionAt the top of Via Garibaldi you come to Via della Rocca. On the left is the majestic façade of the castle; on the right is an interesting house of early eighteenth-century style (formerly Curti residence).
Addressvia della Rocca - 42019 Scandiano

Title Jewish Cemetery
DescriptionIt comprises a rectangular area and is surrounded by a wall about two metres high; to the left of the iron gate, a marble stone is situated in the upper part which has the inscription “Cimitero Israelitico” (Jewish Cemetery).
Addressvia Ludovico Ariosto - 42019 Scandiano

Title Cemetery of Scandiano
DescriptionCreated in 1921, the façade of the cemetery shows the influence of the neo-Gothic architectural fashion of the time.
Addressstrada Provinciale 52 - 42019 Scandiano

Title War Memorial
DescriptionIn the Parco della Resistenza (Resistance Park), behind the cinema, you can admire a number of artworks by Italian and foreign artists.
Addressvia Vittoriio Tognoli - 42019 Scandiano

Title Statue of Lazzaro Spallanzani
DescriptionThe statue dedicated to Lazzaro Spallanzani was unveiled during a ceremony held on 12th November 1888, attended by the local authorities and leading national and international figures from the scientific world.
Addresspiazza Spallanzani - 42019 Scandiano

Title Bridge over the Tresinaro river
DescriptionThe bridge was opened in 1858 by Duke Francis V and Vincenzo Mattioli, the last mayor of Scandiano to be appointed by the Dukes of the House of Este.
Addressstrada Statale 467 - 42019 Scandiano

Title Art Nouveau style building
DescriptionThis 19th-century building (originally intended for public use) was embellished by a decorative layout with cement bas-reliefs representing scenes of country life, set into the twin pilasters and small balcony over the entrance.
Addressvia Fogliani - 42019 Scandiano