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Places in historical and artistic value in VETTO (RE)

Title Church of Santo Stefano in Pineto
DescriptionIt perhaps appears cited in a document of 1245 in which a “Joannes de Suncto Stephani” is nominated. In 1352 and 1359 it appears united to the church of Rosano but the definitive union was ratified only in 1493 and remained as such till 1852. During Bishop Cervini’s visit in 1543, the church ...
AddressPineto - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo at Gottano
DescriptionThe church dedicated to Saints Pietro and Paolo, is mentioned for the 1st time in a document of the Reggio Emilia Cathedral in 1213. In 1318 it’s a daughter-house of the Campiliola Parish to which it belongs up to 1727 when it is subject to the Plebanato of Nigone. The belfry of the Gottano ...
AddressGottano - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Church of San Giorgio at Crovara
DescriptionThe parochial church with rectory rises within the wall of the castle in the XIII century and, fallen in ruins; it was rebuilt in the XV century in the adjacent courtyard. The church of San Giorgio was part of the congregation of Gombio; it was entered in the list of rectories starting in ...
AddressCrovara - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Parish Church of San Lorenzo at Vetto d'Enza
DescriptionThe parochial church dedicated to San Lorenzo is of pre-romanesque origin but its current shape dates back to restructuring done in 1620 of which there remains the barrel arch of the apse. In 1930 the ceiling made of planks was substituted with a vaulted ceiling. During the restructuring ...
AddressViale Italia, 1 - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Church of QUITICO and Giuditta in Cola
DescriptionThe church, dedicated to Saints Quirico and Giulitta, was mentioned towards the middle of the 13th century in a controversy with the church of Vetto. The document is datable 1123-1139. In 1318 the church “de Cola” appears in the Parish of Campiliola. The visit of Bishop Marliani in 1664 ...
AddressCola - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Church of San Lorenzo at Rosano
DescriptionThe church of Rosano, dedicated to San Lorenzo, is mentioned in a document of 1112. In 1197 there’s information regarding a contract stipulated “sub porticum eccelsie”. In 1302 among the churches belonging to Campiliola Parish there’s the one of Rosano. From the second half of the XIII ...
AddressRosano - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Scalucchia
DescriptionScalucchia rises on the peak of a rocky cliff to the left of the rio Tassaro facing the crag on which the castle of Crovara stood. It’s possible that the hamlet developed in the shadow of the nearby castle, whose historic events were frequent during the middle ages. Presently only a few ...
AddressScalucchia - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Crovara
DescriptionCrovara, situated on the reliefs on the left side of the Tassobio torrent, is one of the small hamlets of the Vetto municipality. the hamlet is rich in history and legends. Today, there are only a few ruins left of the castle: two galleries, a small one which must have been a cistern and a ...
AddressCrovara - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Maiola
DescriptionMaiola occupies the summit of a relief on the eastern foot of Mt. Fiore, at the center of a natural amphitheater which protects it from northern winds. the extensive chestnut woods which cover the rocky buttresses thin out near the hamlet, substituted by a slightly declining meadow. The ...
AddressMaiola - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Legoreccio
DescriptionThe place-name indicates a hamlet formed by three blocks of dwellings, very close to each other that which spread out along the left side of the slopes of the Tassobbio torrent not far fro the ruins of the Crovara Castle. The hamlet of Legoreccio is among the most interesting of the medium ...
AddressLegoreccio - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Casalecchio
DescriptionThe inhabited center of Casalecchio is characterized by an focalized and concentric urban plan, with central tower house. the tower house of the village has a roof with four layered surface and a dovecot border. Recent tampering has altered the original structure. Noteworthy is a ...
AddressCasalecchio - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Corte dei Da Palude
DescriptionAt Legoreccio there’s the “Corte dei Da Palude” which represents one of the most significant 17th century noble buildings of the Reggiano mountains. The construction consist in a vast closed court divided inside by a colonnade under-imposed to an open gallery with rounded arches supported by ...
AddressLegoreccio - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Vetto d'Enza
DescriptionIt’s a municipality of the medium height Reggiano Apennines, Vetto boasts a good position, high up on the right bank of the Enza river in a basin at the foot of Mt. Costa and Faille, natural balcony of the entire valley. Its fractions have maintained architectural and environmental ...
AddressVetto d'Enza - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Gottano
DescriptionTurban plan reflects the morphological characteristics of the place with a directional movement which also responds to the defensive requirements of the place. From far off the hamlet seems out of time. Besides the medieval tower of Gottano, where according to legend Matilde di Canossa’s ...
AddressGottano - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Corte rurale di Moziollo
DescriptionThe hamlet of Moziollo has two courts which once belonged to the Piazzi family. the higher court represents an interesting example of “fortified court” of the 16th century. it is characterized by an outside gate tower with decorations and dates on the angular ashlars amongst which the year ...
AddressMoziollo - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Edificio rurale a Caiola
DescriptionIt’s a small hamlet to the left of the Tassobio torrent near the town of Piagnolo. There are a few environmentally valuable buildings with stone masonry. There’s a noteworthy balcony with a four arched open gallery supported by sandstone mullions, attributable to the 17th century.
AddressCaiola - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Riuned mill in Santo Stefano
DescriptionThe plant of 1821 is indicated as the mill of Pineto. It has a stone structure, arranged on two floors with double layered roof. In 1970 it stopped all operations. There are still various work tools.
AddressSanto Stefano - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title The mill of Piagna
DescriptionThe building has a hall-shape with residence on the first floor. The horizontal wheels were activated by water which came from a derivation canal. You can still see the wide storage tank from which the wooden rock feeding started. Along the wall there’s a niche which encloses a sacred image ...
AddressPiagnolo - Vetto d'Enza - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Da Palude palace
DescriptionAt the beginning of Pineto you can see the “House of the Da Palude” which was the residence of this antique family. The building was subject to damage caused by the 1920 earthquake but still retains exceptional historic – artistic interest. The façade is characterized by two orders of open ...
Address42020 Vetto (RE)

Title Tower house ini Legoreccio
DescriptionOn the southern edge of the village you can see an antique well with ogival arch and corbels as seat for the wine containers. There are votive niches with sacred images and a stone ashlar bearing the year 1889. At about 200 mt to the east of the Da Palude court there’s a 14th century tower ...
AddressLegoreggio - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title The Pontaccio of Vetto
DescriptionFrom the gravelly shore of the Enza river, at about 1300 m from Caradello, the remains of the “Pontaccio” (rugged bridge) rise. It’s an arch bridge with stone structure. Without specific studies, some people say that it dates back to the Roman period. The most widely accepted theory is that ...
AddressSanto Stefano - 42020 Vetto (RE)

Title War Memorial in Legoreccio
DescriptionThe monument is constituted by a bronze bas-relief where a partisan reversed on the ground with the palm of his hand up, is portrayed. On the base of the cement structure and in its side two gravestones on which the epigraph devoted to the twenty-four martyrs of the "Fratelli Cervi" ...
AddressLegoreccio - 42020 Vetto (RE)