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Places in historical and artistic value in VIANO (RE)

Title Church of San Giovanni Battista di Querciola
DescriptionThe parochial territory of San Giovanni was divided, in the beginning of religious services, into two ecclesiastic centers depending on the churches of S. Michele and S. Siro. In the “flatland of the field” there initially was a chapel dedicated to S. Giovanni Battista belonging to the ...
AddressSan Giovanni di Querciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta of Castello Querciola
DescriptionIt would appear that the present day church, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, was reconstructed in 1367 on a small pre-existing pre-Matildic church. From the middle of the XI century Bishop Principe held soldiers there as protection leaving the service and religious assistance active. Over ...
AddressCastello Querciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Church of Santa Maria of Casola Querciola
DescriptionIn 1302 it was nominated as church of Santa Maria of “Casola Poza” as dependent on the Paullo Parish. Bishop Milani recalls the tradition that the antique church was at Cà del Lupo and precisely in a field in ancient times called Vari. In 1592 Bishop Rangone gives orders to have the roof ...
AddressCasola Querciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Parish Church of Viano
DescriptionIt has a 17th century façade scanned by pilaster strips and concluding with a triangular frontispiece. The vertical unity of the façade is interrupted by two tall contoured string course cornices. The portal is squared and ogival. On the upper part there’s a wide archivolted window with ...
AddressVia Chiesa - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Church of San Pietro of Querciola
DescriptionThe church is mentioned in the Register of Tithes of 1302 and is dedicated to San Salvatore. The church of San Pietro succeeded it in 1538. In 1543 the building was in bad condition “the church is full of cracks and risks collapsing, the Santissimo is not kept and when it is, it is kept in a ...
AddressQuerciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Maestà di Casella
DescriptionOn the southern side of the village there’s a small pilaster which rises bearing in a niche a full relief image of the Blessed virgin with child. The work is attributable to the XX century. a second majesty is noticeable on the face of a recently restored building, the icon is made of painted ...
AddressCasella - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Oratorio di San Siro di Tresinara di San Giovanni di Querciola
DescriptionAn estimate of 1315 mentions for the first time the church of San Siro. In the XV century S. Siro was united to the church of S. Michele di Pulpiano, buried at the end of the following century. In 1584 a pastoral visit registered the building as being in terrible condition and completely ...
AddressSan Giovanni di Querciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Santa Maria di Castello
DescriptionSanta Maria di Castello, which was the summer residence of the bishop of Reggio, is a hamlet situated in a very charming scenic position and retains undoubted environmental value. The hamlet is arranged in a line and in a scaled fashion along the dividing line on the top of the right side ...
Address42030 Viano (RE)

Title San Polo di Viano
DescriptionAlong the line of the divide which runs between the Viano castle and the hamlet of the same name there’s a small hamlet made up of a few buildings which are arranged around two monumental tower houses belonging to the 15th century. The most interesting tower house, facing a small carriage ...
AddressSan Polo - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Casola Querciola
DescriptionThe antique hamlet of Casola rises near an embankment directed towards Mount Lupo, beside a communications road which , in the past, lead to the valley of the Crostolo torrent. Numerous buildings show on their façades constructive features chronologically dateable to different historical ...
AddressCasola Querciola - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title viano
DescriptionThe territory of the town of Viano, called Querciolese due to the relevant presence in the area of the oak plant, is a basin having a characteristic hammer shape, where on the hilt we find the fractions of Castello Querciola, San Pietro Querciola and San Giovanni Querciola. On the hammer ...
AddressViano - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Mulino Tabello
DescriptionSituated on the right of the Tresinaro torrent, it ceased activities around 1950. The factory retains, besides the plant, made of horizontal a ritrecine wheels, the feeding canal which originated about 2 km away to create a sufficient water fall toward the gora.
Address42030 Viano (RE)

Title The mill of Veins
DescriptionIt was situated near the famous seven mouths of water, or vein, around which a few decades ago, there was rich vegetation of maidenhair fern, a fern which at the time was used as medicine for various animals. The mill had four grinders divided into 3 rooms. In this building there was a ...
AddressViano - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title The mill of the barrel
DescriptionThe mill, made of stone with juxtaposed in line elements on three levels, is situated on the left of the Tresinaro torrent. On the outside you can still see the feeding canal and the gora or “Bottazzo” with the large vertical wheel.
Address42030 Viano (RE)

Title Mulino delle Noci
DescriptionThe mill was called this because in the vicinity there was a large walnut orchard filled with very old trees and also because it squeezed the kernels to produce “nut oil”. Besides the three grinders for wheat, corn, and chestnuts there was a fourth grinder for the nuts called “gròla” which ...
Address42030 Viano (RE)

Title Rural center Cavazzone
DescriptionIn the immediate vicinities of the location called “la Capanna” you will notice, on the side of the main road, a large farm building having a long layout characterized by a big central body arranged on two levels and bordered by two functional building wings. These latter buildings have the ...
AddressCa' Bertacchi - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title La Capanna Villa
DescriptionIn this place Baron Franchetti had a few buildings erected and restored, examples of Art Nouveau architecture characterized by articulate iron superstructures. Significant is the artistic “Belvedere” entirely made of iron and used as a scenic observatory. Interesting is the wide residential ...
AddressCavazzone - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title Casa a Torre a San Polo
DescriptionThe hamlet is among the most significant in the municipal territory. It’s characterized by two soaring 15th century tower houses. The first of which faces a small court on the side of the antique carriage road leading to the Viano castle. The building is made of a dovecot contoured by a brick ...
AddressSan Polo - 42030 Viano (RE)

Title The Castle of Viano
DescriptionWhat is left of the castle is fruit of restoration which took place in 1970 by the proprietors. There are a few ruins of the antique dilapidated walls of 1793. In 1335 the Fogliani were the first owners of the castle, a strategic position for their dominions in thearea. In 1370 the ...
Address42030 Viano (RE)

Title Rural center in Cadognega with tower house
Descriptionthe Rural nucleus is characterized by two tower houses arranged on various dwelling levels which, even though modified, retain original architectural features attributable to the XVII century. The cover surface of the two towers is made of brick with four layered roof subtended by a small ...
AddressCadonega - 42030 Viano (RE)