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Places in historical and artistic value in MIRANDOLA (MO)

Title Civic museum - closed for the earthquake
DescriptionFree entrance The new Museum of Mirandola opened in November 2008. Is divided into 12 sections plus one space for museum education: - Archaeology; - The religious customers; - The legacy Rosselli; - The Numismatic: coins, medals and the mint of Pico; - Mirandola and the Pico. La Signoria, the ...
Addressc/o Castello dei Pico Piazza G. Marconi, 23 - 41037 - Mirandola (MO)

Title Madonnina Oratorio
DescriptionCost Free admittance The fa├žade of this building is neoclassical in style. Go up a few steps to enter the building and you will find yourself in a large, square space in the ionic style, surmounted by a column-drum and octagonal cupola. The first small altar on the left was built in 1763 for a ...
AddressPiazza Costituente - 41037 - Mirandola (MO)

Title Mirandola castle - Castello dei Pico - closed for the earthquake
DescriptionThe Castello di Mirandola - or Castello dei Pico - traces its origins back to Lombard times. It was certainly already in existence in 1200 and was later further expanded by several members of the Pico family, becoming one of the most important castles in the Val Padana area. The vast majority of ...
AddressPiazza Costituente - 41037 - Mirandola (MO)