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Places in historical and artistic value in CASTEL D'AIANO (BO)

Title The Abbey of Santa Lucia in Roffeno
DescriptionThe abbey was probably erected around the X-XI century, although the exact date is unknown; it was built by Benedictine monks and it also functioned as a shelter for the numerous travellers on the nearby route linking Emilia and Tuscany. In 1630 the abbey was abandoned; in the 1950s it was ...
AddressFraz. Rocca Di Roffeno - 40040 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Sanctuary of the Madonna di Brasa
DescriptionThe sanctuary dates back to the beginning of the XVIII century, but the current building is more recent, because World War II bombings (1944) destroyed most of the original building.
Addresslocalità Brasa - 40034 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta
DescriptionAfter being destroyed by World War II bombings, the church was rebuilt in the ‘50s. It was rebuilt according to the original structure with a nave on each side of the main aisle.
AddressPiazza Nanni Levera - 40034 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Parish of San Pietro di Roffeno
DescriptionThis is one of the most beautiful and ancient Romanic churches of the diocese. The date in which it was built is unknown. In 1510 Pope Julius II ordered that it should become part of the diocese of Bologna. The church features an interesting tower, a semicircular sandstone apse, a christening ...
AddressFraz. Rocca Di Roffeno - 40040 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Church of San Martino di Tours
DescriptionThe church houses a canvas depicting the Madonna of the rosary which also features angels painted by Bigari; it also houses a canvas by Calvaert Dionisio depicting the deposition from the cross. Worth of mention is also the XVII century wooden confessional.
AddressFraz. Rocca Di Roffeno - 40040 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo
DescriptionThe church was rebuilt on the ruins of an older one that dated back to 1365. The building was designed by the architect Panzacchi; the church owns a number of paintings, of which some were unfortunately stolen in 1988.
AddressFraz. Casigno - 40040 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Church of San Giacomo
DescriptionThe church was originally erected in 1330 but the actual building dates back to 1859. It houses some interesting art works: the main altar features the “Miracle of San Giacomo" painted by Domenico Pedrini (1785), the "Madonna del Rosario" by a member of the school of Reni and a XVII century ...
AddressVia Sassomolare, 23 - 40034 Castel D'Aiano BO

Title Jussi Tower
DescriptionThe place name comes from the ancient Bolognese family; the Jussi owned the building already in the XVIII century. The main building was erected in the XVII century and it includes a number of buildings and a tower with precious sandstone windows. The buildings were modified over the centuries ...
Addresslocalità Serra Sarzana - 40040 Castel D'Aiano BO