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Places in historical and artistic value in CASTEL DI CASIO (BO)

Title Church of San Biagio
DescriptionThis interesting church was originally built in the XIV century; it was them rebuilt in 1644 on the ruins of the ancient building. It houses XVII-XVIII century paintings and some interesting pieces of furniture.
AddressPiazza Roma - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title Parish of San Quirico and Iulitta
DescriptionThe origin of the parish is uncertain because there are no remains of those early days, although it was already there in the XIII century. In 1293 a terrible crime happened in the church; the monks Canonici Lateranensi from San Frediano in Lucca then took over and run the parish until 1780, ...
AddressCastel Di Casio

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta
DescriptionIt houses a painting ascribed to the school of Guido Reni and a statue of San Rocco made in the style of Canova.
AddressVia Casola - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title Church of Sant'Ilario
DescriptionToday this religious building is an oratory and is part of the parish of San Prospero di Badi. It was built in the XII century and the beautiful semi-circular Romanic apse is still visible today with its little arches at the top. The apse also houses a XVI century fresco depicting the crucifix ...
Addresslocalità Monte di Badi - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title Church of San Prospero
DescriptionThe church probably dates back to the XIII century; it houses altar-pieces, Baroque altars, a XVII century terracotta via crucis and a late XVI century Bolognese painting depicting Christ and his executioners.
AddressVia Chiesa, 1 - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title Church of San Giusto and Clemente
DescriptionThe church is first mentioned in the XIV century but was completely rebuilt between 1939 and 1941. It houses a precious wooden altarpiece made in 1687 and a XVII century canvas depicting San Giusto Vescovo venerating the Madonna between the apostles Pietro and Paolo.
AddressFraz. Suviana - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title Oratory of the Saints Giacchino and Anna
DescriptionThe oratory houses XVI century frescos that have probably been painted by the same artist that operated in the church of S.Ilario; the frescos depict the Saints Lucia, the Baptist and the Madonna with child. Unfortunately, the paintings are in a very poor state of conservation.
AddressFraz. Badi - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title The tower of Castel di Casio
DescriptionAt the beginning of the XIII century the municipality of Bologna ruled over most of this area. In 1219 Bologna signed a peace treaty with the municipality of Pistoia which decreed the boundaries between the two territories; this boundary still defines the current provinces. After the treaty the ...
AddressPiazza Torre - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO

Title The bridge of Castrola
DescriptionThe bridge lies on the river Limentra, in a narrow valley in the eastern part of the river; here, in recent years, an imposing dam was designed but it was never built. The bridge is curved like a donkey’s back and was designed in the middle of the XIX century by the Bolognese architect ...
Addresslocalità Castrola - 40030 Castel Di Casio BO