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Places in historical and artistic value in GAGGIO MONTANO (BO)

Title Sanctuary of the Madonna degli Emigranti
DescriptionThe sanctuary of the Madonna degli Emigranti (of the migrants) lies on a hill nearby the village of Ronchidoso, in a beautiful spot just few km away from Gaggio Montano, since "this sanctuary should belong to everybody", according to an old saying which is still popular amongst the locals. The ...
Addresslocalità Serra di Ronchidoso - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Parish of the Saints Michele and Nazario
DescriptionThe church was built between 1892 and 1897 by the local priest Carlo Emanuele Meotti on the ruins of an ancient church, which had a different plan; remains of the ancient apse are still partly visible. The church has a main aisle and two naves; it is supported by Doric columns, circular vaults ...
AddressVia Duca D'Aosta, 1 - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Church of the Madonna del Sacro Cuore
DescriptionThe church was established in 1905 by the Capuchin monks of Porretta Terme as an oratory. The building was widened in 1912 and then declared a parish on September the 3rd 1938 by the cardinal Nasalli Rocca. The pleasant façade is made with stone from Montovolo; the church has one nave with ...
AddressViale della Chiesa, 39 - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Parish of the Madonna of Fatima and San Bartolomeo
DescriptionThe current church is dedicated to the Madonna of Fatima and to San Bartolomeo; it was inaugurated in 1953. Behind the main altar there is a large modern fresco by Pasqui; the altar on the left features a XIX century altarpiece by Alessandro Guardassoni, depicting Santa Margherita and the Sacred ...
AddressVia Kennedy - 40040 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Church of Santa Lucia
DescriptionThe parish church of Pietracolora is dedicated to Santa Lucia. The village is located on what was once the Gothic line, during World War II; hence it suffered from harsh bombings and the church has been rebuilt after the war. The oldest church would have been built in the XII century, while the ...
AddressVia Piave, 34 - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Parish of Affrico
DescriptionThe parish was instituted in 969 and possibly the village was already there; in 1300 the church was in charge of seven other churches of the area. In 1677 the building suffered from a serious landslide and was rebuilt between 1682 and 1684; it was then completed in 1741. The interior has one ...
AddressPiazza Affrico - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Church San Giacomo
DescriptionThe XIX century church was partially rebuilt following a landslide that seriously undermined its structure; the bell tower was erected in 1849. The interior has one aisle with chapels on the sides; it houses some precious XVII century canvases, amongst which an altarpiece depicting "Crocefisso ...
AddressPiazza Rossano Marchioni - 40030 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Church of San Michele Arcangelo
DescriptionThe parish of Rocca Pitigliana lies on a rocky hill. First mentioned in 1235, it was destroyed by a landslide or other unknown causes and then rebuilt in a different location in 1502. In 1695 it was rebuilt and the following year the bell tower was added. The interior has one aisle with chapels ...
AddressFraz. Rocca Pitigliana - 40040 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Parish of Santa Maria Villiana
DescriptionThe church lies in a lovely secluded location; it is named after the Madonna Assunta and the village takes its name from the church. The church is first mentioned around 1300 and was declared parish in 1411; it was widened 1679 and completely rebuilt in 1949 following the destruction caused by ...
AddressFraz. Santa Maria Villiana - 40040 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena
DescriptionIn the XIV century the oratory was mentioned with the name of “Sancte Rayne de Sassana” and was part of the parish of Pitigliano. In the XV century it was named after Santa Maria Maddalena and became part of the parish of Pietracolora. It was destroyed during the war but recently rebuilt in the ...
Addresslocalità Sassane - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Oratory of San Giovanni Evangelista
DescriptionThe oratory is located just next to the parish church of Gaggio Montano; in the past it was also known as oratory of Santa Maria dei Morelli. The XIV-XV century complex features two buildings; the oldest one (XIII-XIV century) houses a precious late XV century painting depicting Christ bearing ...
AddressVia Duca D'Aosta, 1 - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Monument to Brazilian soldiers
DescriptionThe Brazilian army fought a harsh battle against the German army in the plane of Guanella. The battle left an enormous amount of dead soldiers. Several of the soldier that died here were from a village near Rio de Janeiro, where the memory of this battle is still alive in local place names, ...
AddressPiana di Guanella - 40030 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Lagazzana
DescriptionThe small village lies in the lower part of Gaggio Montano. This is the second oldest part of Gaggio and is very interesting from the environmental and historical point of view, because it has not significantly changed over the years. During the XIV-XV century the Tanari family, local wealthy ...
Addresslocalità La Gazzana - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Borgo il Ponte
DescriptionThe village features a number of interesting old villas: Ca’ del ponte, with a precious garden, the XIII-XIV century Casa Tanari, with a XVI century arch, and the XV century Casa Capponi. In the lower part of the village lies the ancient stronghold, which was transformed in a villa in the XVI ...
Addresslocalità il Ponte - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Castellaccio
DescriptionAs the name suggests, Castellaccio features a very imposing stronghold that reminds the visitor of Medieval fairytales. The building was erected around the XIV-XV century and features a double staircase with arches. The village also houses a XV century tower with an ancient sundial.
AddressPalazzo d'Affrico - 40040 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Guanella Tower
DescriptionThis ancient building was unfortunately badly damaged during World War II, to the extent that its future is quite uncertain. The tower has very interesting features, such as doors and windows (some of which currently blocked by bricks) and a coat of arms with two hands that hold each other. The ...
Addresslocalità Monte Castello - 40030 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Montefrasco Tower
DescriptionThe tower has been recently restored and it features some interesting architectural elements such as doors on different levels, windows, slits, elegant eaves with a serrated motive with a small single lancet window on top.
AddressFraz. Rocca Pitigliana - 40040 Gaggio Montano BO

Title Capacelli Arch
DescriptionThe arch is located in the entrance gate of the "Sasso di di Rocca" in Gaggio Montano. It bears a coat of arms of a noble family depicting a seven heads dragon with the head of a man on top; the man has long moustache and a stern facial expression. The arch was built in 1564 by the Capacelli ...
AddressPiazzetta de Voltone - 40041 Gaggio Montano BO