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Places in historical and artistic value in IMOLA (BO)

Title Rocca Sforzesca
DescriptionFounded in the 13th century, the fortress of Imola is a remarkable example of fortified architecture built between the Middle Age and the Renaissance.
AddressPiazzale Giovanni dalle Bande Nere - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Tozzoni
DescriptionAncient noble house of the family Tozzoni hosting the museum with the same name.
Addressvia Garibaldi, 18 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title San Domenico Museum
DescriptionThe former convent of Saints Nicolò and Domenico is one of the most significant building for art and history in the old town centre of Imola.
Addressvia Sacchi, 4 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Museo Archeologico Naturalistico G. Scarabelli
DescriptionThe museum was founded in 1857 and it's located in the former convent of St. Domenico dating back about to 1250.
Addressvia Sacchi, 4 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Museo della Resistenza e del Novecento
DescriptionThe museum is located on the first floor of Casa Gandolfi. It includes an exhibition, a library and an archive.
Addressvia dei Mille, 26 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Museo Diocesano
DescriptionThe Bishop's Residence hosts the Diocesan Museum in the apartment of Pope Pius IX. It is the result of a careful conservation work of the Diocesan historical-artistic heritage.
Addresspiazza Duomo, 1 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Cooperativa Ceramica museum
DescriptionThe Cooperative was born in 1874 and has developed its own serial artistic production. Today it's a leader in the ceramics production.
Addressvia Vittorio Veneto, 13 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Collection of puppets and theatres
DescriptionThe collection is housed in the 18th century Carmelite convent next to the Church of St. Giacomo Maggiore del Carmine.
Addressvia Emilia, 32 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Museo di arte sacra del Piratello
DescriptionThe museum is located in the gallery above the convent's cloister. The convent, added to the Basilica del Piratello, was inaugurated in March 2000
Addressvia Emilia Ponente, 27 - Località Piratello, 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Farmacia Comunale dell'Ospedale
DescriptionThis pharmacy can be considered an example of late 18th century "bottega" (shop). It was opened in 1774.
Addressvia Emilia, 95 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Basilica Cattedrale di San Cassiano Martire
DescriptionThe original structure, built in the Romanesque style between the years 1187 and 1271, underwent numerous changes.
Addresspiazza Duomo, 10 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Beata Vergine del Piratello sanctuary
DescriptionThe lords of Imola Girolamo Riario and Caterina Sforza had the sanctuary built in 1491.
Addressvia Emila Ponente 27 - Località Piratello, 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Santuario della Beata Vergine di Ghiandolino
DescriptionIt was built in 1973, designed by the architect Lullini and it's dedicated to the Virgin of Mercy.
Addressvia Bergullo, 61 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Santa Maria in Regola
DescriptionThis Church is probably the most ancient one in the city, as the seat already hosted a church in the 6th century.
Addressvia Cosimo Morelli, 8 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Santo Stefano
DescriptionThe church is part of the nearby convent of the Clare Nuns. The complex dates back to 1359 and in the past it was a famous convent school for wealthy girls.
Addressvia Cavour, 2/h - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Saints Nicolò and Domenico
DescriptionThe church is part of the homonymous convent complex, now called Municipal Picture-gallery, and the apse is on Rambaldi public gardens.The history of the church is linked to the Order of the Dominicans, who started to build the church and the convent in 1280.
Addressvia Quarto, 5 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of San Giacomo Maggiore del Carmine
DescriptionThe church is part of the complex of the Carmine, linked to the history of the Carmelite order, already present in the same seat in the 14th century with a small church and a convent.
Addressvia Emilia, 32 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of San Giovanni Battista Vecchio
DescriptionThe history of the church is linked to the Hierosolymitian Order of Malta, which spread throughout Europe during the 12th century with hospital aims.The church was the ancient parsonage of the Hospital of Jerusalem.
Addressvia Callegherie, 60 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of San Michele and Osservanza convent
DescriptionThe church is part of the complex of the Observance, which also includes the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Graces. The name derives from the Observant Friars, who settled in Imola in the 15th century.
Addressvia Venturini, 2 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Sant'Agata
DescriptionThe church is in the town centre, along Via Cavour. The building dates back to the 12th century at least.
Addressvia Cavour, 71 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Sant'Agostino
DescriptionThe building dates back to the middle of the 14th century, when the Augustinian fathers moved here from the previous convent.
Addressvia Marsala, 5 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Santa Maria dei Servi
DescriptionThe church was built by the Servite friars who settled in Imola in the first half of the 14th century.The original, single-aisle building with cabin-front was restored in the 16th century and raised at the end of the 19th century.
Addresspiazza Mirri, 2 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Church of Santa Maria dell'Olivo
DescriptionThe church is on "Piazza Conciliazione", also called "Piazza dell'Olivo", which was once the seat of the cemetery of Saint Cassiano Church. The Olivetan Fathers built it before 1452, but it was rebuilt in 1751 after a collapse after the project of Cosimo Morelli.
Addresspiazza Conciliazione, 7 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Villa Clelia excavations
DescriptionYou can see the remains of a peripheral late-roman necropolis of ancient Imola (Forum Cornelii) and of the ancient medieval town of Sancti Cassiano, in addition to the remains of a palaeo-christian basilica of the 5th century, probably built over the tomb of S. Cassiano.
Addressvia Villa Clelia, 85 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title New town center and Fascist House
DescriptionThe complex has a wide gallery, projected by architect Romano Milani, and a big brick building created by Adriano Marabini from Imola.
AddressPiazza Gramsci - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Della Volpe's house
DescriptionIt was built by the Della Volpe family in the second half of the 1400's.Taddeo Della Volpe born there in 1474. Taddeo was General Captain of the Republic of Venice.
Addressvia Don Bughetti, 1 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Rimbaldi's house
DescriptionThe residence was built up in the 14th century, although not much is left of this original building: a Gothic arch (in the second courtyard) and perhaps the decorations in the upper part of the façade.
Addressvia Emilia, 29 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title House of Counts della Bordella, then Gandolfi
DescriptionThis building was built in 1478 and then bought by the Counts della Bordella who later restored in 1526.It is a stone building in early Renaissance style.
Addressvia dei Mille, 26 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Casa Vacchi Suzzi (former Church of St. Donato and Paolo)
DescriptionAfter the conversion of the commercial area in 1574, the dimensions of the church were greatly reduced and in 1779 it was converted into a private home.
Addressvia Emila, corner via Mazzini - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Calderini
DescriptionThe building was erected by the architect Giorgio Fiorentino by order of Calderini family, who was under the rule of the Riario-Sforza, lords of Imola.
Addressvia Cavour, 84 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo della Cassa di Risparmio
DescriptionIt houses the head office of the Cassa di Risparmio di Imola (Imola's Savings Bank). Erected by the architect Giuseppe Baccini, it was enlarged in 1919 and 1920.
Addressvia Cavour, 53 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Codronchi Marchi
DescriptionIt is a compact building dating back to the 15th century. The façade overlooking Via San Pier Grisologo underwent less changes and stands out for a cornice supported by corbels shaped like horse heads.
Addressvia S. Pier Grisologo, 38 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Comunale - Town Hall
DescriptionThe Town Hall rises in the heart of Imola in a pedestrian area.It consists of two buildings connected, like in the Middle Ages, by a large vault above Via Emilia.
Addressvia Mazzini, 4 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo della Volpe (Albergo El Cappello)
DescriptionGirolamo Riario had it built in 1480. It later became the residence of the Della Volpe family.
Addressvia Emilia, 140 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Ginnasi
DescriptionThe building was the residence of the Counts Ginnasi-Poggiolini whose coat of arms is still visible on the sides overlooking Via Cavour and Via Appia.
Addressvia Appia, 39 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Machirelli, then Dal Pozzo
DescriptionThe present building is the result of the restoration works carried out by the Machirelli family in 1480.
Addressvia Emilia, 25 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Miti Zagnoni then Raffi
DescriptionThe present building consists of three different bodies dating back to the end of the 15th century, which were joined around 1650. A façade was also built to give some uniformity to the complex.
Addressvia Emilia, 44 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Pighini
DescriptionBuilt in the second half of the 13th century, it was the dwelling of many noble families and was the seat of the podestà (lord of the town) until the end of the 14th century.
Addressvia Appia, 18 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Sassatelli, then Monsignani
DescriptionThis imposing building rises in the first stretch of Via Emilia ovest (towards Bologna) just behind the Cathedral of St. Cassiano. It belonged to the Guelph leading family of Sassatelli, and was erected around 1522 on a pre-existing building.
Addressvia Emilia, 69 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Sersanti
DescriptionThe palace is of Renaissance origin made on behalf of Girolamo Riario between 1480 and 1484.
Addresspiazza Matteotti, 8 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Venieri - Vespignani
DescriptionOn the corner between Via Garibaldi and the little alley with the exact same name, the building known as Palazzo Vespignani is the result of a series of structural interventions spanning five centuries.
Addressvia Garibaldi, 24 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Vescovile
DescriptionThe Bishop's Residence rises in front of the Cathedral of St. Cassiano. Built in the 12th century along with the new cathedral, it was enlarged in the 15th and 16th century.
Addresspiazza Duomo, 1 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Palazzo Vacchi
DescriptionThis 19th century building was work of the architect Cesare Costa, who also designed the Teatro Comunale (Municipal Theatre) of Reggio Emilia.
Addressvia Appia, 37 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Villa Torano
DescriptionIt was built in 1622 on the will of Cardinal Ferdinando Millini, as summer residence of the bishops of Imola.

Title Ebe Stignani municipal theatre
DescriptionMain theatre in Imola
Addressvia Verdi 1/3 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Santa Maria in Regola bell tower
DescriptionThis impressive belfry stands on the back of the church. Unfortunately, it is partially hidden by the adjoining modern houses.
AddressVia Morelli, 8 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Sforza's Castle - Rocca Sforzesca
DescriptionThe fortress dates back to the 14th century and it is located in a vast grassy clearing, named Piazzale Giovanni dale Bande Nere. Its present aspect is the result of the works carried out by the architect Dainesio Maineri in 1440.
AddressPiazzale G. dalle Bande Nere - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Gabella toll tower
DescriptionThe Toll Tower was erected in 1750 by order of Pope Benedetto XIV near the wooden bridge over the Santerno river.
AddressVia Pisacane - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Piazza Matteotti
DescriptionPiazza Matteotti was once called Piazza Grande.Its current appearance derives mainly from the architectural works promoted by Girolamo Riario, who in 1474 took possession of Imola.
Addresspiazza Matteotti - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Via Emilia
DescriptionIn 187 B.C. the Roman state, under the command of Marco Emilio Lepido, began the construction of the Via Aemilia, which connected Rimini to Piacenza.
Addressvia Emilia - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Via Selice
DescriptionVia Selice, of Roman origins, had a fundamental function, as it linked Imola to the sea, which once was closer.
Addressvia Selice - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Porta Appia ramparts
DescriptionPorta Appia was the northern gate which gave access to the town through Via Appia. Today only its ramparts are still visible.
Addressvia Appia corner Via Galeati - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Ancient walls
DescriptionBuilt by Taddeo Manfredi – Lord of Imola before the Sforza family- in the 15th century, very few relics remain of the ancient fortification wall that surrounded the town.
Addressvia Caterina Sforza - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Porta Montanara
DescriptionThis town gate is located on the outskirts of the historical centre, along the remains of the old medieval wall which surrounded Imola.
Addressvia Nino Bixio - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Porticoes
DescriptionThese open galleries which ornate the north and east sides of the main square, are a typical element which distinguish the towns of this region, and marks the traditional shopping and promenade area of the historical town centre.
Addressvia Emilia - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title San Domenico gardens
DescriptionThe garden borders the apse of the church of Saint Dominic and the convent and hosts some secular plants such among which firs and holm-oaks.
Addressvia Cavour - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Acque Minerali park
DescriptionAcque Minerali park is the green lung of Imola. It is mainly known as a recreational area, but it also has a botanical and historical value.
Addressvia Atleti Azzurri d'Italia - 40026 Imola (BO)

Title Tozzoni park
DescriptionThe park is located in the southwestern area of Imola on the hills overlooking the Pedagna area. Once it was a land bought by the noble family Tozzoni in 1880, who wanted to build a country home here.
Addressvia Suore - 40026 Imola (BO)