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Places in historical and artistic value in MARZABOTTO (BO)

Title POMPEO ARIA National Etruscan Museum
DescriptionAround the middle of the XIX century, a VI century BC Etruscan settlement was discovered in this area; excavations led to the creation of an important collection that the owners, the Aria family, donated to the Italian state in 1933 together with the land on which the items where found. Sadly, ...
AddressVia Porrettana sud, 13/15 - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Parish of San Lorenzo Martire
DescriptionThe history of the church is linked to that of the Panico counts. It is first mentioned in the middle of the XI century but its origins might be older. It was built near the castle of the counts that was on the other side of the river Reno. Since the middle ages, the two river banks were linked ...
AddressVia Panico, 12 - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Church of the Saints Giuseppe and Carlo
DescriptionThis modern church was inaugurated in 1959. The crypt houses the sanctuary of the dead.
AddressPiazza Martiri delle Fosse Ardeatine - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Oratory of the Saints Pietro and Andrea
DescriptionThe oratory was probably erected in 1116; it was built by Count Silvestro de Boatieri and during the Renaissance period it was transformed into a fortified private mansion. Today the building has just one floor, an internal courtyard and an imposing entrance surmounted by a turret. The coat of ...
AddressFraz. Montasico - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Oratory of Croce
DescriptionThe oratory was erected around 1700 on the ruins of an older building.
AddressFraz. Montasico - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Archaeological area of Pian di Misano
DescriptionIn ancient times, the valley of the Reno river was the main route between the plains and Tuscany, through the Apennines. The Etruscans travelled and traded along these routes for centuries; Marzabotto was established here around the middle of the VI century BC. The town’s origins are embedded in ...
AddressVia Porrettana sud, 13/15 - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Casamento
DescriptionThe small village consists of a remarkable set of XV century buildings, some of which have decorated windows.
AddressFraz. Medelana - Marzabotto BO

Title Borgo della Costa
DescriptionThe village features a memorial stone with the inscription "Mariano/ già de mi/ che lo dai la costa/ fece farei MDLXXXVIII".
AddressFraz. Medelana - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Villa Aria
DescriptionIn the XVII century the family Barbazzi built the villa; the following century they organised a small village around it, gravitating on the economy of their wide estates. In 1831, the owner, count Aria, started archaeological excavations that brought to light Etruscan artefacts. The villa is in ...
AddressVia Porrettana sud - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Historical Park of Monte Sole
DescriptionBetween the river Reno and the brook Setta there is a series of hills and mountains located just north of Grizzana Morandi, the town where the painter Giorgio Morandi used to retreat. These mountains are called Pezza, Salvaro, Termine and Sole; during the last war there were harsh battles here. ...
AddressVia Porrettana, 4/f (uffici) - 40043 Marzabotto BO

Title Sacrario ai Caduti
Descriptionit was decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Achievements for the sacrifices made by its people and its partisan combat during World War II "... Recessed between steep cliffs and the green woods of ancient Etruscan land, Marzabotto preferred iron, fire and destruction rather than yield to ...
AddressVia Aldo Moro, 3 - 40043 Marzabotto BO