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Places in historical and artistic value in MINERBIO (BO)

Title Museo della religiosità popolare
DescriptionPaintings, prints, statues and wood working equipment related to religious worship spread in the countryside...
AddressVia San Donato - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Title Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
DescriptionThis church houses important works of art, including the example of Bolognese Baroque by the Mazza sculpture group...
AddressVia Giuseppe Garibaldi, 7/a - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Title Pieve di San Giovanni in Triario
DescriptionA parish church that still preserves an ancient baptismal font dating back to the medieval era...
AddressVia San Donato, 20 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Title Complesso di Rocca Isolani
DescriptionMasterpiece of 16th-century Bolognese architecture with an extraordinary cycle of frescoes by Amico Aspertini...
AddressVia Garibaldi, 1 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Title Torre Colombaia
DescriptionElegant dovecote tower, whose design is attributed to Jacopo Barozzi, called the Vignola...
AddressVia Garibaldi, 1 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Title Castello di San Martino in Soverzano
DescriptionAncient building of private property with characteristics at the same time of defence and residence...
AddressVia San Donato - 40061 Minerbio (BO)