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Places in historical and artistic value in MONTERENZIO (BO)

Title L. Fantini Archaeological Museum
DescriptionThe new museum was opened on July the 8th 2000 and documents the life of people living in the valley of the rivers Idice and Zena; it displays objects that have been found since the ‘80s during excavation campaigns in the Etruscan-Celtic settlements around Monte Bibele.The museum has the ...
AddressVia Idice, 180/1 40050 - Monterenzio BO

Title Archaeological area of Monte Bibele
DescriptionMonte Bibele is one of the most interesting archaeological areas of Celtic culture in Italy, featuring a variety of aspects, including built-up areas, necropolis and sacred spaces. The earliest findings happened in Monterenzio during World War II, when a group of German soldiers, settled along ...
AddressVia Idice, 180/1 40050 - Monterenzio BO