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Places in historical and artistic value in PORRETTA TERME (BO)

Title LabORantes
DescriptionThe museum focuses on two main strands of the life of local communities: sacred art and objects related to popular religion, tools and objects from everyday life. A room of the museum is dedicated exclusively to ex-votos from the sanctuaries of the “Beata Vergine del Faggio” and of the “Madonna ...
AddressVia Manservisi, 5 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Museo Etnografico di Castelluccio
DescriptionThere is a large collection of tools and examples of the Bolognese tradition. There is also a collection of magazines and books devoted to local traditions and history.
AddressVia Manservisi, 5 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ponte
DescriptionSome say that this Madonna started to be worshipped in 1249. The oldest element of the sanctuary was a wayside shrine with a Madonna painted on the rock. The original building was then transformed into an oratory between 1578 and 1585. Every year, the Madonna is being transported on a procession ...
AddressVia Madonna del Ponte - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio
DescriptionLike many other sanctuaries, this one originates from an image of the Vergin that was hanging from a beech tree, according to a legend; the image was then placed into a niche, probably around 1670, and since then popular devotion started to spread because the icon was considered to be ...
AddressLoc. Madonna del Faggio - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Parish of S. Maria Maddalena
DescriptionAs its position suggests, the church lies on the ruins of a fortress. The church is made of stone, the plan has a Latin cross and one aisle; it was built between 1600 and 1690 by the Bolognese architects Giuseppe Antonio Torri and Giuseppe Borelli. The façade features a cusp and is quite simple. ...
AddressVia Ranuzzi, 2 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Convent of the Cappuccini
DescriptionThis small church is located at the beginning of Via Mazzini, right in the centre of Porretta. The church was founded in 1859 and named after Maria Immacolata. Following the unification of Italy and the seizure of religious orders’ funds, the church construction work had to be interrupted; it ...
AddressVia Mazzini, 1 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Church of S. Maria Assunta
DescriptionThe church was built between 1378 and 1385 and originally occupied a different area, higher up on the hill; in 1566 it collapsed and was then rebuilt in 1587 where it now lies. Between 1660 and 1690 it was widened and partially rebuilt, thanks to the funds offered by local inhabitants. The ...
AddressVia di Castelluccio - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Church of Michele Arcangelo
DescriptionAccording to the fonts, the earliest church dedicated to San Michele in this area dates back to 1106-1111, in the village of Prà Preti, not far from where the church now lies. This church was built in 1417; since it was quite small, it was expanded in 1475. In fact, back then the church was a ...
AddressVia Capugnano - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Oratory of S. Rocco
DescriptionToday the oratory is named after S. Rocco, but when it was built, about five centuries ago, it was dedicated to the SS. Sacramento; the homonymous brotherhood was established around the same time. At the beginning the oratory was just a small room located above the parsonage; then it was ...
AddressVia Ranuzzi, 2 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Oratory of the Crocefisso
DescriptionThe earliest members of the brotherhood of the Crocifisso (or Battuti) started to gather in the middle of the XVI century in the oratory that was located where the parsonage is today; the brotherhood worshipped a XV century wooden crucifix which is now lost. Soon a strong reformed movement rose ...
AddressVia Capugnano - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Iron forge of Cà d'Alessio
DescriptionThe earliest iron forges of the area started to operate between 1820 and 1830. These workshops produced semi-finished items with metal from foundries or with iron scraps; iron was forged with a particular type of forge hammer called ‘distendino’ and these workshops also produced agricultural ...
AddressVia I Maggio - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Tresana
DescriptionThis tiny village is immersed in a beautiful beechwood along the road that runs from Pennola to the sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio. Tresana is one of the most interesting villages in the area because of its typical architecture of the mountains, which features the characteristic staircase ...
AddressLoc. Tresana - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Manservisi Castle
DescriptionThe building is known as “Castello Vecchio” (old castle) or “Castello Manservisi”. The building dates back to the XVI century, but in the XIX century the owner Alessandro Manservisi heavily modified its features and transformed it into a Neo-gothic castle with Tuscan elements, by adding ...
AddressVia Manservisi, 1 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO

Title Piazza della Libertà
DescriptionThe oldest name of the square is “Piazza degli Arrighi”, a name that reminds us of the assemblies held during the time of Medieval municipalities, when it was the hub of the social life of the county founded by Niccolò V in 1447. Then it took on the name “Piazza Maggiore” until the unification ...
AddressPorretta Terme

Title Altar piece in the church of S. Maria Maddalena
DescriptionThis beautiful canvas is located on the main altar of the parish church of S. Maria Maddalena in Porretta. It depicts the evangelical scene of "Noli me tangere", which means “don’t touch me”; these are the words spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection, as it is written by St ...
AddressVia Ranuzzi, 2 - 40046 Porretta Terme BO