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Places in historical and artistic value in VALSAMOGGIA (BO)

Title San Teodoro centre for environmental documentation and didactic
DescriptionThe centre hosts the headquarters of the “Consorzio di Gestione del Parco Regionale dell'Abbazia di Monteveglio”, the body who looks after the regional park of the abbey of Monteveglio. The centre is a didactic resource for schools about the local environment.
AddressCentro di Documentazione e Didatti Ambientale San - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title A. Crespellani Local Archaeological Museum
DescriptionThe museum originated in 1873 when the local archaeological society (“Società Archeologica Bazzanese) was established. The first room displays items related to the Paleolithic, the Neolithic (excavated in the estates Bellaria and Motta), the middle Bronze-Age (excavated by Contu on the hill of ...
AddressVia Contessa Matilde, 10 - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino
DescriptionFor the setting up of the Ecomuseo were identified nine thematic systems that connect to as many trails in the area where it is possible to observe directly. The nine systems are: The territory in the Middle Ages: the archaeological evidence Architecture and territory: Castello di Serravalle ...
AddressCasa del Capitano - Via della Rocca - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Abbey of Monteveglio and its ancient village
DescriptionThe imposing abbey of Monteveglio lies on top of the homonymous hill, about 298mt above sea level; a village grew around the abbey and both were protected by a stronghold with wide defensive walls, of which a gateway and a XIV century tower are the sole visible remains. Today, this houses a ...
AddressVia San Rocco - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title The sanctuary of the Beata Vergine della Villa
DescriptionThe sanctuary of the Beata Vergine della Villa is mainly renown for its oval 3cm long resin cameo that dates back to 1409; the cameo features an icon of the Virgin.
AddressVia Samoggia, 2257 - 40060 Savigno BO

Title The sanctuary of the Beata Vergine di Croce Martina
DescriptionThe small sanctuary of the Beata Vergine of Croce Martina is also known as that of the Madonna from Rodiano. It originated from the worshipping of a fresco icon that was probably located at a cross road, hence the name Croce Martina. In 1644 the affluent Lanzarini family built the sanctuary; in ...
AddressVia Rodiano - 40060 Savigno BO

Title Church of Santa Maria Assunta
DescriptionThis Romanic parish has a XII century façade and a main aisle with two naves. The presbytery is slightly raised and is located on top of the pre-Romanic crypt (X-XI century).
AddressVia S. Rocco - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title Parish of San Paolo
DescriptionThe XVIII century parish church of San Paolo lies in the village of Oliveto; it features a XV century belltower and a remarkable XVII century by the Bolognese painter Elisabetta Sirani. The church has no real façade and the main entrance is on one side of the building; the interior features ...
AddressVIA CASTELLO OLIVETO - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title Church of Sant'Andrea in Corneliano
DescriptionThe church is in the village of Montebudello. The current building dates back to the XVII century, but it was built over the ruins of a Romanic parish that dominated the valley of the Panaro river, with a lovely landscape over the plains of the Po river. Worth of mention in the same road is also ...
AddressVIA MONTEBUDELLO - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title Church and oratory of San Matteo
DescriptionThe ancient church-oratory of San Matteo in Savigno was built in 1683 and it’s a typical example of Bolognese oratory of the second half of the XVII century. It has been restored in recent years. Opposite the church there is a square which hosts a sandstone obelisk designed and sculpted by ...
AddressPiazza 15 Agosto - 40060 Savigno BO

Title Parish church of Santa Maria Assunta
DescriptionThis Medieval church was restored in the XVIII century and then almost entirely rebuilt in 1870. It houses a number of XVII century terracotta busts and a XVI century organ.
AddressVia Merlano - 40060 Savigno BO

Title Church of San Rocco
DescriptionThis is the second church in Crespellano and is also known as the ‘little church’; it includes a church and an oratory, both dedicated to San Rocco. It was built in 1468. Up until before the start of World War II is was home to the religious group ‘Compagnia di San Rocco e di San Sebastiano’; ...
Addressvia Marconi - Crespellano BO

Title Church of San Savino
AddressVia San Savino - Crespellano BO

Title Church of Santo Stefano
AddressVia Contessa Matilde - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Church of Sant'Apollinare
DescriptionThe XVIII century church of S. Apollinare is located near Castelletto in a unique setting surrounded by ravines. The church houses art works by Passuti, Varotti, Sansone, Luigi Samoggia and Bartolomeo Passarotti. The imposing typical local architecture lies on the ruins of an older parish ...
AddressVia S. Apollinare, 1346 - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Church of Fagnano
DescriptionFagnano’s church is dedicated to S. Maria Assunta. The building features an early Romanic bell tower and cloister with arches; it was restored in 1756. The Roman village of Fannius dates back to the I century before Christ; according to some, this is the birth place of Lamberto Fagnani, then ...
AddressVia S. Apollinare, 1346 - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Churches of Maiola and Tiola
DescriptionThe church of S. Giovanni Battista is located in Maiola; it dates back to the XIV century and was then rebuilt in neo-Byzantine style at the beginning of the XX century. The church of S. Michele Arcangelo lies in the village of Tiola and was built in the XVIII century. Both churches are located ...
AddressVia Maiola - Via Borgo di Tiola - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Oratory of S.Francesco and Villa Pedrazzi
DescriptionThe villa takes its name from the former owners, the Pedrazzi family; today, it is owned by the nuns ‘Minime dell'Addolorata’ from Bologna. In the past centuries it hosted a convent; its Romanic church is one of the oldest churches dedicated to S. Francesco. The church is mentioned in a 1232 ...
Addressvia San Francesco - Crespellano BO

Title Oratory of Sabbionara
AddressVia Castelfranco, 9 - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Oratory of S. Maria del Suffragio
AddressPiazza Garibaldi, 15 - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Zappolino and Ponzano
DescriptionZappolino is home to the memorable castle of the bloody war between the citizens of Modena and those of Bologna, which took place in 1325; the event was described by Tassoni in his literary work "La Secchia rapita". The original XIII century castle is now in ruins after the earthquake that ...
AddressVia S. Apollinare, 1346 - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Casa Grande dell'Ebreo - Great House of the Hebrew
DescriptionThe house is known as “Great House of the Hebrew” and is located in the village of Oliveto, with a panoramic view of the valley of the river Samoggia; it is made of stone and the external walls have a sloped footing. The houses was built in the XV century by Salomon Mathasia, a Hebrew from ...
AddressVIA CASTELLO OLIVETO - 40050 Monteveglio BO

Title Palazzo Marescotti
DescriptionThe palace still features underground galleries and the ruins of a number of wells, amongst which two with blades, as well as a large cellar and oven. Unfortunately these structures are quite run down. Popular myths maintain that there is an underground gallery linking the palace with the ...
Addressvia Confortino - Crespellano BO

Title Villa Conti Turrini Rossi, currently Villa Nicolai
DescriptionThe villa has a beautiful Neoclassical style with a tall Ionic colonnade and typical XVIII century windows. The façade shows the three different floors of the building, each corresponding to a different use. The interior has late XVIII century decorations which are unfortunately quite damaged; ...
AddressVia Mazzini - Crespellano BO

Title Villa Muratori - Guerrini - Meriggiani
AddressVia Mazzini - Crespellano BO

Title Villa Bassi - Rusconi
DescriptionThe main room on the first floor has remarkable Neoclassical ornamental frescos. Beseghi has described some very interesting decorations that used to be in the hallway of the villa; these were made with hand-painted wall paper depicting scenes from the new world.
AddressVia Casola - Crespellano BO

Title Palazzo Stella
DescriptionThe villa takes its name from Giuseppe Stella, who commissioned the house in 1778; he had received the title of count in 1750 by Pope Benedict XIV. Over the past century the villa was owned by the counts Masetti; the current owners are the family Fochi Barbiroli.
AddressVia Cassola, 14 - Crespellano BO

Title Villa Aldrovandi - Rinaldi - Ceroni
DescriptionThe villa is in perfect harmony with the surrounding country landscape: the geometry of the fields and of the garden is also reflected into that of the villa; around the villa there are also a number of rural buildings.

Title Villa of Gandolfo
AddressVia Gandolfo - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Villa Pedrini
AddressVia Pedrini - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Villa Tanari
AddressVia Cà Rossa, 1 - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Serravalle Castle
DescriptionThis is one of the most beautiful castles of the valley of the Samoggia river; it still has a Medieval atmosphere. The castle already existed as a fortress during Roman-Byzantine times, when it was called "Verabulum" and was one of the most important fortresses of the empire. The building is ...
AddressVia della Rocca - 40050 Castello Di Serravalle BO

Title Palazzo Garagnani
DescriptionOriginally the building was named “Palazzo Bentivoglio”, from the homonymous family, who owned estates in the area; after the Battle of Ravenna (1512) the Bentivoglio were expelled and the palace was held by the Grassi till 1813, when the Garagnani bought it. They still own most of it, except ...
Addressvia Marconi 45 - Crespellano BO

Title Cattanei Tower - Villa Stagni
DescriptionThe tower is ideally safeguarding Crespellano, although the town already has another tower, named after the Bentivoglio.
AddressVia Puglie - Crespellano BO

Title Bentivoglio Fortress
AddressVia Contessa Matilde, 10 - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Statue of Giuditta
AddressPiazza Garibaldi - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Bust of Amedeo Gordini
AddressRipa del Rivellino - 40053 Bazzano BO

Title Sun dials
DescriptionThe sun dials are located in various key spots of the town: one is on the town hall of Bazzano, the second is at the Bentivoglio stronghold and the third is in Via Fiorini.
AddressPiazza Garibaldi, Via Contessa Matilde, Via Fiorin - 40053 Bazzano BO