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Places in historical and artistic value in CENTO (FE)

Title Municipal Gallery
DescriptionTEMPORARILY CLOSED. The Municipal Gallery is housed in a Eighteenth-century building. In 1839 the works of the Gallery were first exhibited inside the palace,...
AddressVia Matteotti, 16 - Cento (FE)

Title Gallery of Modern Art "A. Bonzagni"
DescriptionThe Gallery of Modern Art in Cento, dedicated to the Centese painter Aroldo Bonzagni (1887-1918), was created thanks to the artist's sister who, since the 1960s donated important works to the municipal picture gallery both by his brother and by other artists related to him.
AddressPiazza Guercino, 39 - Cento (FE)

Title Sandro Parmeggiani Museum
DescriptionIn 1995 the donation of several paintings of the artist Sandro Parmeggiani, gave birth to a museum dedicated to him...
AddressVia di Renazzo, 52 - Cento (FE)

Title The Basilica Collegiata S. Biagio
DescriptionThe Basilica Collegiata di S. Biagio is Cento's main church.
AddressVia Bassi, 47 - Cento (FE)

Title Governor's palace
DescriptionThe Governor's palace, also called Palace of Justice or Palace of the Clock, was built in 1502 and looks onto the square named after Il Guercino.
AddressPiazza Guercino, 39 - Cento (FE)

Title Municipal Theatre
DescriptionThe Theatre was built between 1856 and 1861 and was projected by A. Giordani from Cento.
AddressVia Campagnoli, 9 - Cento (FE)

Title Rocca
DescriptionThe Fortress, together with Porta Pieve (Pieve Gate) is what remains of the ancient defensive system. The primitive building dates back to 1378 and was constructed on the order of the bishop of Bologna.
AddressPiazzale della Rocca - Cento (FE)

Title The Jewish Ghetto