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Places in historical and artistic value in COMACCHIO (FE)

Title The Pickling Factory
DescriptionThe imposing eel pickling factory at Comacchio has reopened its doors.
AddressVia Mazzini, 200 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Museum of Contemporary Art "Remo Brindisi"
DescriptionIn viale Nicolò Pisano, not far from the beach, at Lido di Spina there is the splendid and modern villa - museum of the contemporary painter Remo Brindisi, who loved to spend here his leisure time.
AddressVia Nicolò Pisano, 45 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Museum of the Roman Ship
DescriptionThe Roman Ship Museum is dedicated to Comacchio's Roman ship, an important archaeological find made in 1981 at Valle Ponti a few kilometres from the lagoon city.
AddressVia della Pescheria, 2 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Sanctuary of S. Maria in Aula Regia
DescriptionThe origins of the venerated Sanctuary of St. Mary's in Aula Regia date back to the 10th century.
AddressVia Mazzini, 179 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Cathedral of San Cassiano
DescriptionIn the huge square called St. Cassiano the beautiful town Cathedral rises up with its 18th century solemn bell tower.
AddressP.zza XX settembre. Parrocchia, Via Menegazzi, 3 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Curch of the Suffrace - S. Antonio Church
DescriptionChurch of Suffrage i salso called Church of Saint Antony from Padua was built in 1644.
AddressViale Cavour - Comacchio (FE)

Title Carmine Church
DescriptionThis church can be found in the Carmine area and it is dedicated to to the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmelo, the oldest existing one. Built rather humbly it dates back to the beginning of 1600s.
AddressViale Carducci - Comacchio (FE)

Title Church of Rosary
DescriptionAdjacent to the Piazza del Popolo, now called Via Vicenzino Folegatti, it was built between 1622 aand 1640 by the Confraternity of the holy Rosary.
AddressVia Sanbertolo, 3 - Comacchio (FE)

Title Palazzo Bellini
DescriptionThis building stands opposite the former Hospital of San Camillo, not far from the Ponte degli Sbirri.
AddressVia Agatopisto - Comacchio (FE)

Title Ancient Hospital for the Infirm
DescriptionThe stately old Hospital for the Sick can be found in Via Agatopisto, the pen name of the Arcadian poet Appiano Buonafede (1716- 1793).
AddressVia Agatopisto - Comacchio (FE)

Title Palazzo Patrignani
DescriptionPatrignani Town House as one can see probably dates back to the 1800s.

Title Trepponti
DescriptionThe reason for which this singular structure was built lies in the need for defending the city. In fact, the only means of access was from the confluence of the river ways.

Title Ponte degli Sbirri
DescriptionFacing the Trepponti there is another construction of some considerable merit, named after the guards of the former prison that overlooks it.

Title Capuchin portico

Title The Wheat Loggia and The Clock Tower and
DescriptionIn the centre of the city in Via Ugo Bassi one can see the Civic Tower an the Wheat Loggia. At one time the Tower and the Loggia stood between the magnificent Piazza Bridge which was demolished in 19th century.