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Places in historical and artistic value in VOGHIERA (FE)

Title Civic Museum of Belriguardo
DescriptionTEMPORARILY CLOSED for relocation of the collection. The museum is situated in the area near the tower at the entrance to Belriguardo Palace and it is divided in three sections: Archaeology, Renaissance and Modern Art.

Title Museum of historical modelling
DescriptionThe museum is divided into different sections. One of the main attractions is the exceptional railway model, still working.
AddressVia San Leo, 9/a - Voghiera (FE)

Title Parish church of San Leo
DescriptionThe ancient church of Santo Stefano in Vicoaventino, was the site of the first Ferrarese diocesis.
AddressVia San Leo, 1 - Voghiera (FE)

Title Roman Necropolis of Voghenza
DescriptionVoghenza was a Roman city called Vicus Aventinus or Vico Habentia: an administrative hub of vast imperial properties.
AddressVia Dante Alighieri, Fondo Setta - Voghiera (FE)

Title Delizia di Belriguardo
DescriptionBuilt in 1435, the Delizia del Belriguardo was the first to be built outside the walls of Ferrara. It was one of the largest and most sumptuous stately homes of the Renaissance period, so much so that it was dubbed "The Versailles of the Estensi".
AddressStrada Provinciale, 274 - Voghiera (FE)