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Places in historical and artistic value in BRISIGHELLA (RA)

Title Museo Civico 'Giuseppe Ugonia'
DescriptionMuseum dedicated to the great lithographer Giuseppe Ugonia (1881-1944).
AddressPiazzetta Porta Gabolo, 6 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Museo storico Cà Malanca
DescriptionMuseum that collects articles and evidence of the Second World War.
Address48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Monticino
DescriptionXVII century complex. There is a venerated statue of the Madonna (ceramic 1626).
AddressVia Monticino - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Monastero Emiliani
DescriptionMonastery runned by the Dominican nuns of the SS Sacrament. One of the biggest monastic groups in Europe.
AddressVia Emiliani, 54 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title La Collegiata
DescriptionThe collegiate church, dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo, was built on the Greek cross plan between 1650 and 1697 from a design by the architect Gherardo Silvani.
AddressP.zza Carducci - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa dell'Osservanza
DescriptionChurch of Santa Maria degli Angeli, called Chiesa dell'Osservanza. Franciscan monastery of the XVI century.
AddressVia Fratelli Cardinali Cicognani angolo Via Masironi - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa di San Francesco
DescriptionFranciscan monastery of the XV century.
AddressVia Porta Bonfante - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa di Santa Croce
DescriptionAntique oratory of the XVI century.
AddressVia Abbondanza angolo Via delle Volte - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa del Suffragio
DescriptionXVIII century church.
AddressPiazza Marconi angolo Piazzetta Porta Gabolo - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Tiberiaci
DescriptionOld parish church of the X century.
AddressMonte Mauro - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa di Cavina
DescriptionChurch dating back to the XIII century.
AddressVia Cavina, 27 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa di San Pietro in Fognano
DescriptionParish church of Fognano dating back to the XIX century.
AddressPiazzetta San Pietro, 2 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Chiesa Arcipretale di San Cassiano
DescriptionChurch of the XVIII century.
AddressVia 2 Giugno, 2 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Santa Maria Assunta Church
DescriptionLimisano Parish Church.
AddressVia Limisano, 29 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Pieve del Tho
DescriptionIX century parish church constructed on the vestiges of a pre-existing roman building.
AddressStrada Statale 302 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Palazzo Maghinardo
DescriptionNotable construction in neo-classic style, presently the Town Hall Brisighella.
AddressVia Naldi, 2 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Ca Boschi - Raggi
DescriptionResidence whose origins date back to the prehistoric age.
AddressVia del Borgo (o Via degli Asini) - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title La Rocca Manfrediana
DescriptionThe fortress, built in 1310 by Francesco Manfredi, constitutes a valuable example of medieval military art.
AddressVia Monticino 2 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Torre dell'Orologio
DescriptionOld defensive bulwark of the XIII century.
AddressVia Torre - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Torre di Cavina
DescriptionWatchtower of the XV century.
Address48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Torre del Marino
DescriptionWatchtower of the XV century.
AddressVia Torre del Marino, 45 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title La Torretta
DescriptionWatchtower probably from the XV century.
Address48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Rocca di Rontana
DescriptionRuins of a tower dating back to the year 1000.
AddressMonte Rontana - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Fontana Vecchia
DescriptionAncient fountain of the XV century.
AddressVia Porta Fiorentina - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Via del Borgo o Via degli Asini
DescriptionElevated street of medieval origins with porticoes.
AddressVia del Borgo - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Title Monumento ai Caduti
DescriptionMonument dedicated to all those fallen in war.
Address48013 Brisighella (RA)