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Places in historical and artistic value in RAVENNA (RA)

Title Oratory of Sant'Andrea - Archiepiscopal Chapel
DescriptionThe cross-shaped Oratory of S. Andrea - Archiepiscopal Chapel was erected by bishop Peter II as a private oratory during the reign of Theodoric. The lower part of its vestibule is covered with marble and the upper one is decorated with mosaics.
AddressPiazza Arcivescovado, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Neonian Baptistery
DescriptionConsidering the beginning of its construction, the Neonian Baptistery, built at the end of the 4th or early 5th century, is the most ancient monument in Ravenna. It is a simple octagonal-shaped brick building with four big external niches.
AddressPiazza Duomo, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
DescriptionBuilt by Theoderic, the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo preserves the magnificent mosaic decoration of the original church, documenting the evolution of Byzantine wall mosaics from the age of Theoderic to that of Justinian.
AddressVia Di Roma, 52 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Ravenna World Cultural Heritage
DescriptionSince 1996, the eight Early Christian monuments of Ravenna form part of the Unesco World Heritage
AddressRavenna (RA)

Title Basilica of San Vitale
DescriptionConsecrated by Archbishop Maximian in 548, the Basilica of San Vitale is one of the most important monuments of early Christian art in Italy, especially for the splendour of its mosaics.
AddressVia Argentario, 22 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Arian Baptistery
DescriptionThe Baptistery was built in the small square of the church of the Holy Spirit (former Arian cathedral) at the end of the 5th Century, when Theoderic had already consolidated his dominion and Arianism had become the official religion of the Court.
AddressVicolo Degli Ariani, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
DescriptionGalla Placidia (386-452), sister of Honorius, the Roman Emperor who transferred the Capital of the Western Empire from Milan to Ravenna, built this little Latin cross-shaped Mausoleum around 425-450, now worldwide famous for the splendour of its mosaics
AddressVia Argentario, 22 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe
DescriptionThe Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe was commissioned by Archbishop Ursicino and built by Giuliano Argentario during the first half of the 6th century. It has been described as the most impressive basilica of Early Christian period.
AddressVia Romea Sud, 224 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Mausoleum of Theoderic
DescriptionThe mausoleum, located approximately one kilometre away from the centre of Ravenna, was built by Theodoric in 520 AD as his burial site in an area used by the Goths as a cemetery.
AddressVia Delle Industrie, 14 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Local Educational Museum of S. Pietro in Campiano
DescriptionThe S. Pietro in Campiano Territorial Educational Museum reconstructs the history of local peoples from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. In its classroom, it is possible to focus on specific subjects.
AddressVia del Sale, 88 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Tamo Museum - All the adventure of the mosaic
DescriptionThe Complex of San Nicolò hosts Tamo. Tutta l’Avventura del Mosaico (All the Adventure of Mosaic), a permanent exhibition dedicated to mosaics of Ravenna and its territory, from ancient times until today
AddressVia Rondinelli, 2 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Sant'Eufemia
DescriptionPlanned by architect Buonamici and built in the 18th century, the central-plan church of Santa Eufemia with three altars now represents the entrance of the archaeological site Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra.
AddressVia Barbiani, 7 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Archiepiscopal Museum
DescriptionThe Archiepiscopal Museum is located on the first and second floor of the Archiepiscopal Palace and contains numerous artworks that belonged to the ancient cathedral and to other buildings now demolished, such as the famous ivory throne of Maximian.
AddressPiazza Arcivescovado, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title National Museum of Ravenna
DescriptionThe National Museum of Ravenna is situated in the cloisters of the former Benedictine Monastery, in the monumental complex of San Vitale and contains some important artistic and archaeological collections.
AddressVia San Vitale, 17 - Ravenna (RA)

Title MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna
DescriptionMAR – Ravenna Art Museum is located in the monumental site known as Loggetta Lombardesca, a monastery from the 16th century belonging to the near San Maria in Porto Abbey.
AddressVia Di Roma, 13 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Dante Museum
DescriptionLocated a few steps away from Dante Alighieri’s tomb, Dante’s Museum hosts a collection of busts, paintings, medals and icons that focuses on the iconography of the Poet, thus inviting visitors to reflect on his figure and on his real features.
AddressVia Dante Alighieri, 4/6 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Maria delle Croci
DescriptionThe single-nave Church of Santa Maria delle Croci was once dedicated to St. Apollonia. Today, it is used exclusively for exhibitions of various kinds..
AddressVia Guaccimanni - Ravenna (RA)

Title NatuRa - "Alfredo Brandolini" Natural Science Museum
DescriptionThe NatuRa Museum shows us the animals populating the Po Delta Park as well as some exotic species that enrich its collections.
AddressVia Rivaletto, 25 - Ravenna (RA)

Title National Museum of Underwater Activities
DescriptionThe National Museum of Underwater Activities displays a rich collection of materials, equipment, prints and dioramas, explained by panels that illustrate the world of underwater activities.
AddressVia 4 Novembre, 86/a - Ravenna (RA)

Title Risorgimento Museum
DescriptionAnnexed to the building of the Classense library, the Risorgimento museum hosts a collection of relics of the Risorgimento donated by the citizens of Ravenna who took part in the wars of independence and in Garibaldi’s exploits.
AddressVia Baccarini, 3 - Ravenna (RA)

Title The House of Puppets
DescriptionThe House of Puppets hosts the Monticelli Collection, a constantly growing collection of marionettes, puppets, theatre scenery, handwritten scripts and other printed materials, which hava been passed down from father to son over five generations.
AddressVicolo Padenna, 4/a - Ravenna (RA)

Title Little Museum of Dolls and Other Toys
DescriptionThe Little Museum of Dolls and Other Toys displays dolls and toys dating back from 1860 to 1950. The museum is not only a journey into the past, but rather an opportunity to observe how lifestyle and toys have changed over time.
AddressVia Fantuzzi, 4 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica of Sant'Agata Maggiore
DescriptionThe Basilica of Sant’Agata Maggiore is located in the city centre, only a few steps away from the Basilica of San Francesco. It is one of the oldest churches in town, erected in the fifth century during the episcopacy of Peter II
AddressVia Mazzini, 46 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica of San Francesco
DescriptionThe Basilica of San Francesco goes back to the mid-5th century AD. Because of the frequent reconstructions, very little remains of the original early Christian church. Dante Alighieri’s funeral was celebrated here in 1321.
AddressPiazza San Francesco, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of San Giovanni Battista
DescriptionThe Church of San Giovanni Battista was built before the 9th century. Its contemporary bell tower shows two rows of big single lancet windows topped by double and triple lancet windows. A Neapolitan nativity scene is on display inside the basilica.
AddressVia Rossi Girolamo, 45 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of San Giovanni Evangelista
DescriptionThe Church of San Giovanni Evangelista was built in the 5th century by Galla Placidia. In 1944, it was severely damaged by an air attack that destroyed of the apse mosaics. Fragments of the floor mosaics (1213) are on display inside the basilica.
AddressVia Carducci, 10 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of San Domenico
DescriptionThe Basilica of San Domenico was built in 1269 and expanded in 1374. The façade was adorned with six pointed arches that once contained sarcophagi. In the early 18th century, the building was completely rebuilt. Today, it hosts various events
AddressVia Cavour, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of San Michele in Africisco
DescriptionThe basilica of San Michele in Africisco was built by Julius Argentarius and consecrated by bishop Maximianus in 547. Today, the only remains of the church are the bell tower and the apse. Its mosaic decoration is now preserved at Bode Museum in Berlin.
AddressVia IV Novembre, 37 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Maria Maddalena
DescriptionThe Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is a small single-nave church situated in the city centre of Ravenna. Its altar is decorated with oriental marbles, among which an alabaster probably deriving from a column of the Mausoleum of Theoderic.
AddressVia Ricci, 10 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Barbara
DescriptionAccording to official documents, the small Church of Santa Barbara was built at the beginning of the 11th century near the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo as the property of the Benedectine Monastery adjoining the Basilica of Theoderic.
AddressVia di Roma, 59 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of San Nicolò
DescriptionThe Church of San Nicolò was founded in the second half of the 13th century. Its frescoes date back to the 17th century. Deconsecrated in 1866, today it hosts the permanent exhibition of TAMO.
AddressVia Rondinelli, 2 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica of Santa Maria in Porto
DescriptionThe Basilica of Santa Maria in Porto, built in the 16th century, was modified by architect Camillo Morigia in the second half of the 18th century, who decorated the upper part of the sumptuous Baroque façade in Neoclassical style.
AddressVia Di Roma, 19 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
DescriptionThe Church of Santa Maria Maggiore was erected by bishop Ecclesius in the 6th century and rebuilt in 1671. The cylindrical bell-tower dates back to the 9th/10th century. It hosts a painting by Luca Longhi, portraying St. Paul visiting St. Agatha in prison
AddressVia Galla Placidia, 10 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Basilica Spirito Santo
DescriptionThe Basilica of Spirito Santo was consecrated by Arian bishops and then converted to Catholic religion by archbishop Agnellus. A 5th-century porch dominates the façade. It is divided into a nave and two aisles, separated by fourteen columns.
AddressPiazzetta degli Ariani, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Cathedral or Basilica Ursiana
DescriptionThe Cathedral was designed by Giovanni Francesco Buonamici and completely re-built between 1734 and 1735 on the site where Bishop Urso had erected the former cathedral of the city (Basilica Ursiana) at the end of the 4th century.
AddressPiazza Duomo, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Croce
DescriptionThe remains of the Church of Santa Croce, erected in the first half of the 5th century, are located close to Mausoleum of Galla Placidia. What we see today is the 17th century façade, the 15th century apse and the 18th-century bell tower.
AddressVia Galla Placidia, 5 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio
DescriptionBuilt between 1701 and 1728, the baroque Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio was designed by architect Fontana. The central-plan building has an octagonal perimeter with alternating long and short sides.
AddressVia Serafino Ferruzzi - Ravenna (RA)

Title Ex-Zuccherificio di Classe (Ex-sugar factory of Classe)
DescriptionThe ex-sugar factory of Classe is an abandoned industrial complex that will turn into the Classe Archaeological Museum and host the international centre for the restoration and preservation of ancient mosaics.
AddressVia Classense - Ravenna (RA)

Title Classe archaeological site
DescriptionThe archaeological site of Classe encompasses a series of warehouses built along the banks of a canal and lined along a road paved with trachyte, probably built in the early 5th century AD when Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire.
AddressVia Marabina, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Domus of the Stone Carpets
DescriptionBrought to light between 1993 and 1994, Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last decades. It includes a complex of buildings dating back from the Roman Republic through the Byzantine time.
AddressVia Barbiani, 7 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Rasponi Crypt and Roof Gardens of "Provincia" Palace
DescriptionIn the “Provincia” Palace, built between 1925 and 1928, the Neo-Romantic style combines with some Byzantine-like elements. The most ancient part of the complex is the Rasponi crypt, the small (unused) funeral chapel of Rasponi family.
AddressPiazza San Francesco, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Guiccioli Farm
DescriptionFattoria Guiccioli houses a collection of relics and keepsakes related to the story of Garibaldi’s movements through Romagna. One of these is Anita’s memorial stone, erected for the heroine in Landa della Pastorara, a few hundred meters from the farm.
AddressStrada Provinciale 24, 286 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Garibaldi's hut
DescriptionGaribaldi hut is one of the most significant evidences of the memorable 14-day journey of Garibaldi through Romagna in August 1849.
AddressVia Baiona - Ravenna (RA)

Title Palazzo Bracci, now Albergo Cappello
DescriptionPalazzo Bracci (Bracci Palace), now Albergo Cappello, was built in 1468 in the surroundings of the church of San Michele in Africisco by joining ancient houses lined along the bank of Padenna river.
AddressVia IV Novembre, 41 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Town Hall
DescriptionThe Town Hall of Ravenna (Palazzo Comunale di Ravenna) looks onto the main square of the city, Piazza del Popolo. The complex now consists of two adjacent buildings joined by a vault (called Cavalcavia) opening onto Via Cairoli.
AddressPiazza del Popolo, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Torre Civica
DescriptionTorre Civica (Municipal Tower), was erected in 12th century and originally called “dei beccai” (of butchers), due to the butchers’ shops that used to stand along the bridge Ponte Marino.
AddressVia Ponte Marino, 2 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Brancaleone Fortress
DescriptionRocca Brancaleone was built by the Venetians in 1457 with the purpose of reinforcing the defensive structures of the city.
AddressVia Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna (RA)

Title Classense Library
DescriptionThe Camaldolese abbey hosts the ancient Classense Library, one of the most impressive monuments of the Camaldolese order. Paintings and artworks by numerous artists from the 16th to the 18th century are still hanging in the library rooms and corridors.
AddressVia Baccarini, 3 - Ravenna (RA)

Title “A. Oriani” Contemporary History Library
DescriptionAlfredo Oriani Library is managed by “Casa di Oriani” Foundation, created for the commemoration of the Romagna writer Alfredo Oriani and for the preservation and valorization of both his house “Il Cardello” (now a museum) and of the library itself.
AddressVia Corrado Ricci, 26 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Ardea Purpurea fountain
DescriptionThe beautiful Ardea Purpurea fountain is a monumental mosaic fountain designed and realized by master Marco Bravura, a renowned mosaic artist from Ravenna.
AddressPiazza della Resistenza, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Piazza Caduti per la Libertà
DescriptionPiazza dei Caduti per la Libertà was built in the 1930s under the name of Piazza del Littorio, after a long debate between innovatory architects, who wanted to transform the city, and local intellectuals, inclined to maintain the old urban structure.
AddressPiazza Caduti per la Liberta, 13 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Piazza dell'Aquila
DescriptionSince 1882, the name of this square (Piazza dell'Aquila) has been celebrating the day of the breach of Porta Pia and of the capture of Rome (20th September 1870).
AddressPiazza dell'Aquila, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
DescriptionPiazza Giuseppe Garibaldi began to take shape in 1852, at the time when the Alighieri theatre was built on a free lot called Largo degli Svizzeri, thus delimiting its first side.
AddressPiazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Piazza Anita Garibaldi
DescriptionPiazza Anita Garibaldi was created in 1879 from the demolition of old houses along the boulevard leading to the railway station.
AddressPiazza Anita Garibaldi, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Piazza del Popolo
DescriptionPiazza del Popolo was built by the Venetians as the core of the renewal process carried out under the dominion of the Serenissima in the city of Ravenna.
AddressPiazza del Popolo, 1 - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Adriana
DescriptionPorta Adriana is situated between Via Cavour and Piazza Baracca, close to the city centre of Ravenna. In 1545, the gate was moved and rebuilt by Cardinal Legato Capoferro. The present construction dates back to 1583.
AddressVia Cavour - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Gaza
DescriptionPorta Gaza is situated south of the town, near Via Circonvallazione al Molino. The gate was first mentioned in 1186, but it is probably more ancient. The structure we see today is the result of the restoration works carried out after the Second World War.
AddressVia Porta Gaza - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Nuova
DescriptionPorta Nuova is considered as one of the most beautiful gates of the city of Ravenna. It is located south of the town, where Via di Roma meets the road leading to Rimini, now via Cesarea.
AddressVia Di Roma - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Ravegnana or Portonaccio
DescriptionPorta Ravegnana or Portonaccio is situated between Borgo San Rocco and Via Ravegnana. Porta Ravegnana cannot be strictly defined as a gate, because it rises in Borgo San Rocco at a 200m distance from Porta Sisi, outside the perimeter of the city walls.
AddressVia Ravegnana - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta San Mamante
DescriptionPorta San Mamante is located to the south of Ravenna, between Via Baccarini, Via Bastioni and Via S. Mama. The ancient gate, going back to the 11th century AD, has always been dedicated to San Mama, as reported in documents from the 12th century.
AddressVia San Mama - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Serrata
DescriptionLocated at the point where Via di Roma meets the road to Sant’Alberto, Porta Serrata leads to the northern district of Ravenna. The gate was also called Porta Anastasia and Porta Cybo; the first document referring to its present name dates back to 1235.
AddressVia Di Roma - Ravenna (RA)

Title Porta Sisi
DescriptionPorta Sisi is located to the south of Ravenna, at the end of Via Mazzini. In the past, Porta Sisi represented the main gateway to the city, together with Porta Adriana.
AddressVia Mazzini - Ravenna (RA)

Title Rocca Brancaleone Garden
DescriptionThe Park of Rocca Brancaleone (Brancaleone Fortress), measuring about 17.000 square meters, was laid out in the early 70s within the walls of the ancient Venetian fortress.
AddressVia Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna (RA)

Title Public Gardens
DescriptionThe Public Gardens of Ravenna were designed and realised in the early 30s of the last century by architect Arata as the first urban park of Ravenna
AddressViale Santi Baldini, 4 - Ravenna (RA)