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Places in historical and artistic value in VERGHERETO (FC)

Title Church of Saint Andrea Apostel at Alfero
DescriptionThe church was built by Don Gino Saragoni to remember Saint Adrew Apostle. It was consecrated on14th August 1963. It is possible to find two old bells dated 1363 and 1474 and recently fused in Arezzo. .
AddressVia S. Andrea, 12 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Church of SaintGiovanni Battista and S. Rocco at Capanne
DescriptionIt was built around 1000 by the Camaldolesi's monks. The church presents a nave which finishes in a big apse where are placed three altars. It is also possible to find two old bells dated A.D. 1756 and A.D 1835.
AddressVia Capanne, 84 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Church of Saint Maria Assunta at Balze
DescriptionThis church is in stone and was built in 1851 to remember the Virgin Mary's apparition on 17th July 1494; here is possible to find an old Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia's terracotta. Here it is conserved a polychrome terracotta dated 1400 -1500. .
AddressVia Nuova, 38 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Church of Saint Michele Arcangelo in Riofreddo
DescriptionIt was consecrated church when the Camaldolesi monks left the Saint Michele Archangel church (built in 987) after a disastrous earthquake. It has been rebuilt after the second world war.
AddressVia Casentinese, 17 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Church of Saint Niccolò in Mazzi
DescriptionIn the past time it was the hospice of the Trivio's Abbey and it was consecrated church in 1299 under the Camaldolese Congregation. In 1990, it has been restored by the cooperation between Luigi Amaducci bishop and the population of Mazzi.
AddressLoc. Mazzi, 1 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Church of Saint Sisto in Pereto
DescriptionIn the church is conserved the body of Saint Agnes (the thermal baths' protector) and a picture that represents her miracle and the Saint Rosary Queen's statue.
Address47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Castel d'Alfero
DescriptionIt is an old and medieval fortify village and it was under the rule of the Trivio's Abbey (Montecoronaro); It is placed over a sandstone spur and the Alferello's torrent.
AddressLoc. Castel d'Alfero - 47027 Sarsina

Title Fontana con putti a Balze (XX sec)
DescriptionIt was built in 1990 to remember the analogy of the Romolo and Remo's story and to symbolize the Tevere's birth. Balze, in fact, is the nearest village to its source. The fountain is in white marble and considerable are two puttos.
AddressPiazza 17 Luglio - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Bridge on the Alferello river in Alfero
DescriptionThe bridge crosses the Alferello's torrent. Unknown is the date of its construction but certain is the date of its restoration. It was in 1776 thanks to the will of the Grand Duke of Tuscan. It remembers the medieval style.
AddressSP 43bis - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Rotta dei Cavalli Mule Track
DescriptionIt is the old mule-track that connected Verghereto to Bibbiena crossing the Apennines (mt.1168 s.m.).
AddressSentiero CAI 173 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Serra Pass Mule Track
DescriptionThe Serra's street is an ancient way and it is considered a watershed that shares Tiberina's Valley to Marecchia's one.
AddressSP. 37 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Arch of Montione
DescriptionArch made of sandstone in the small village of Montione: under its vaul passes the old mule track that connected Verghereto with Tuscany, through the Alps. The valuable artifact, recently restored, dates back to the seventeenth century.
Address47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Door of the Verghereto Castle
DescriptionThe "castrum" of Verghereto in the Middle Age used to control all the maintraffics between Romagna and Tuscany. Through its two doors, opened out into the city walls, was passing the "road magistra" that linked the Savio and the Tiber valley, connecting the Casentino area as well. Despite many...
Address47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Cippus of the Alpine soldiers
DescriptionThe sandstone cippus is shaped as two feathers to recall the black feather that the Italian Alpine Soldiers wear on their uniform hat. It was placed on the Comero Mountain by the Alto Savio Alpine Group in 1983. Every year inthe first Sunday of July is celebrated a Holy Mass in honor of the...
AddressSentiero CA I, 145 - 47028 Verghereto (FC)

Title Madonna col Bambino e Santi di Benedetto Buglioni a Balze
AddressVia Nuova, 10 - 47027 Verghereto (FC)

Title Madonna col Bambino di Giovanni Andrea della Robbia a Balze
DescriptionIn the church of Saint Maria Assunta, in the town center of Balze, protected in a small apse on the right hand side of the main altar, is a terracotta statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus realized by Benedetto Buglioni. The statues, that dates back to the sixteenth century, shows at its base...
AddressVia Nuova, 10 - 47027 Verghereto (FC)