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Places in historical and artistic value in CATTOLICA (RN)

Title Regina Museum Archaeological and Marine Section
DescriptionThe exhibition rooms are situated on two floors. The Archaeological Section on the first floor houses a display of objects dating from the Bronze Age onwards. Particular attention is focused, however, on remains from the Roman Age, pertaining above all to the town of Cattolica, which at the time...
AddressVia Pascoli, 23 Cattolica (RN)

Title San Pio V Church
DescriptionThis church is dedicated to the town's patron saint and was built in 1859 with money provided by Pope Pius IX, who had been impressed by the devotion of the town's inhabitants. In 2001, the façade and the internal frescoes were restored. Note, the left aisle, the picture of Pius V (1870). Beneath...
AddressVia 20 Settembre, 3 Cattolica (RN)

Title Santa Apollinare Church
DescriptionThe first mention of this church was as early as 1313. It was restored in 1578, but its current appearance stems from a 1782 project by Gaetano Cupioli. The bell tower dates from 1795. The plaque, from 1637, on the façade recalls the origins of the town's name. Note the _Crucifixion_ (17th cent.)...
AddressVia Giovanni Pascoli Cattolica (RN)

Title Via Dante
DescriptionThis is Cattolica’s longest, permanent pedestrian street and is closed to traffic all day with the exception of those who have to transport supplies and the little road “train” that has become the nicest and most effective way to get around the resort.
AddressViale Dante Alighieri Cattolica (RN)

Title Piazza del Mercato
DescriptionThe complex formed by the covered market and the area in front of it are the very heart of commerce and trade in Cattolica. It was built using the architectural style and details that were typical of previous decades combined with construction techniques that were extremely innovative for the...
AddressPiazza del Mercato Cattolica (RN)

Title Piazza delle Sirene, piazza I Maggio and viale Bovio
DescriptionPiazza delle Sirene is the name given by the town of Cattolica until the 1940’s to the square overlooking the sea. This is due to the beautiful fountain that has recently been restored and still stands in the middle of the square. The fountain, that includes three curvaceous mermaids or “sirene”...
AddressPiazzale Primo Maggio Cattolica (RN)