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Places in historical and artistic value in MONTE COLOMBO (RN)

Title San Martino Church
DescriptionThis is the parish church and houses a beautiful 18th-century painting of St. Martin by Brancaleoni - Open upon request. - Not accessible to disabled guests.
AddressVia Bologna Monte Colombo (RN)

Title Village of Monte Colombo
DescriptionThe entire town retains a clearly medieval layout. The entrance gate, which is built in typical Malatesta style, is extremely beautiful and the walls are also worthy of note. As already mentioned, the complex, which also includes a clock tower, has a certain harmony and the numerous...
AddressCentro storico Monte Colombo (RN)

Title Palazzo Orlandi-Contucci
DescriptionDating from the 16th century, but renovated in the 19th century it was once the keep of the castle that was the residence of the captain of the military garrison and local lord. In the 18th century it became the property of the Contucci family, originally from Montecolombo. From the end of the...
AddressCentro storico Monte Colombo (RN)

Title Old Public washing troughs
DescriptionThere are two magnificent examples of these ancient structures, which have been carefully restored. There were places where people used to socialize, as well as being indispensible for the community. The first has an “overflow” structure, due to tubs placed at decreasing heights and is just...
AddressVia Acquabona Monte Colombo (RN)