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Places in historical and artistic value in MONTEGRIDOLFO (RN)

Title Gothic Line Museum
DescriptionExhibits, magazines and posters connected to the passing of the Gothic Line. All the war material on display has either been donated or given by local inhabitants. On the whole, the numerous newspapers, postcards, photographs and illustrations date from 1943-1944 and give the visitor an...
AddressVia Borgo Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Sanctuary of Beata Vergine delle Grazie
DescriptionPompeo Morganti from Fano in 1548 depicting the testimonies of the two "seers" still exists: it represents the apparition of the Madonna to the sixty years old Antonia with the beautiful background in which there is a faithful painting of Montegridolfo and the rural landscape of the area.
AddressVia Beata Vergine delle Grazie, 8 Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Church of San Rocco
DescriptionNear the walls of the castle is the small church of San Rocco, built in 1427. Inside it houses a wonderful painting by Cagnacci, one of the painters of the seventeenth century Rimini protagonists, depicting the Madonna with Child between the Saints Roch and Sebastian. Also interesting are the...
AddressVia Borgo Trebbio Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Church of San Pietro
Description20th century. Situated along the road that leads to Trebbio, it was built on the remains of a Romanesque church of which unfortunately nothing remains. A 15th-century fresco of the Christ crucified also shows nearby castles. -   Open upon request - Accessible to disabled guests
AddressVia San Pietro, 1 Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Village of Montegridolfo
DescriptionA castle with very ancient origins dating back to Medieval times and which, across the centuries, has endured a troubled life as disputed territory because of its unique and strategic position. Situated on the border between the Romagna and Marche regions,. Montegridolfo does indeed stand on that...
AddressCentro storico Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Palazzo Viviani
DescriptionAn interesting and attractive building that stands on the remains of the fortress. Today it houses a prestigious hotel and restaurant with conservatory and park. It owes its name to a nobleman from Urbino who was appointed cavalier by Napoleon.
AddressVia Roma, 38 Montegridolfo (RN)

Title Castle gateway
DescriptionThis elegant opening, topped by a turret, dates from the 16th century. The tower is accessed via an elevated walkway and passing through the gate leads to the square, overlooked by the town hall. At the centre is Viviani chapel, with a copy of the Black Madonna that replaced the 13th-century...
AddressCentro storico Montegridolfo (RN)