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Places in historical and artistic value in RICCIONE (RN)

Title Adria, rehabilitation centre for marine animals
DescriptionAdria, rehabilitation centre for marine animals, which is open to everyone, is entirely dedicated to the Adriatic Sea and its inhabitants. It houses: * the Turtle Hospital: an area in the rehabilitation centre that is open to the public and housescontains a huge, 15,000 litre rehabilitation tank...
AddressVia Torino, 7/a Riccione (RN)

Title Villa Franceschi. Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
DescriptionII houses representative pieces from the municipal art collection, along with impressive paintings and sculptures from the “Arcangeli Collection”, offered by the new museum of the region of Emilia-Romagna. The rooms of Villa Franceschi host more than fifty pieces that trace the most important...
AddressVia Gorizia, 2 Riccione (RN)

Title Territory Museum "L.Ghirotti"
DescriptionThe museum houses the most important exhibits relating to Riccione and its surroundings areas from prehistory to the Roman Age. The museum has artefacts found at the important settlement of San Lorenzo in Strada and along the Flaminia consular road. These include oil-lamps, objects for personal...
AddressVia Lazio, 10 Riccione (RN)

Title Archaeological Site of San Lorenzo in Strada
DescriptionClose to Municipal Pharmacy no.2 at San Lorenzo in Strada in Riccione there are ancient buildings dating back to a time span ranging from the third century B.C. to the fourth century A.D. (these can be easily "read" thanks to the on site illustrative and didactic material). These remains complete...
AddressVia Flaminia, 25 Riccione (RN)

Title Villa Franceschi
DescriptionThis was built in two stages, between the years 1900 and 1920. The building was altered during the 1920s, either as a consequence of the 1916 earthquake or because it changed hands, and the rear part with its small tower dates from this stage. A typical feature of this period is the little...
AddressVia Gorizia, 2 Riccione (RN)

Title Villa Lodi Fe
DescriptionThe exact date of this building is not known, but it does not feature in the land register of 1901. Examination of the building techniques employed shows that it was enlarged during the early 1920s, before Riccione broke away from Rimini to become a separate municipality.It is at present the head...
AddressVia delle Magnolie Riccione (RN)

Title Villa Mussolini
DescriptionThis was once the dictator's holiday house and, as such, its presence helped to promote tourism to the Riviera. It was recently restored and now houses a museum and various activities linked to tourism.
AddressViale Milano, 51 Riccione (RN)

Title “Il bosco della pioggia” fountain
DescriptionLocated at the end of viale Ceccarini, in the thriving hub of Riccione, the sea is the backdrop to Tonino Guerra’s fountain, named “the forest of the sea....drops of water that wet one’s thoughts", Furthermore, the colours and sounds of the fountain evoke the sea. Created in August 2000 by glass...
AddressPiazzale Roma Riccione (RN)

Title Promenade
DescriptionAll 1560 m. of the new traffic-free promenade which stretches from the harbour to piazzale San Martino, is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. The promenade is characterized by flowerbeds, grassy areas, plants and wooden benches for resting. A wide cycle route is all that divides the 4-star...
AddressLungomare della Libertà Riccione (RN)

Title Viale Ceccarini
DescriptionIt is the fashionable heart of the town. Made a pedestrian precinct in the late ‘70s, it is at the centre of holiday and town life, with its trendy meeting places, designer boutiques, cafés, restaurants and the gazebo, a point of encounter for people and celebrities from all walks of life. It is...
AddressViale Maria Ceccarini Riccione (RN)

Title Greek cemetery
DescriptionIt hosts n.114 tombs of Greeks. - It is located on a hill close to the state road SS 16 (Riccione - Misano Adriatico) on the right-hand side.
AddressVia Adriatica Riccione (RN)