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Places in historical and artistic value in SALUDECIO (RN)

Title Saludecio and Beato Amato Museum
DescriptionThe museum belongs to the parish of Saludecio and in 2001 it was housed in two rooms adjacent to the sacresty and. It houses almost three hundred works of art, amongst them paintings, church ornaments and vestments, and votive offerings. These are all pieces linked to the history, culture and...
AddressPiazza Amato Ronconi, 1 Saludecio (RN)

Title Garibaldi: rediscover the legendary figure - The Ottaviani Collection.
DescriptionSince June 2007, the ancient and evocative rooms of the former district prison have been home to the permanent exhibition the small town of Saludecio has decided to dedicate to the hero of the two worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi. This iconographic and documentary exhibition brings together all kinds...
AddressPiazza Beato Amato Ronconi Saludecio (RN)

Title Church of Santa Maria del Monte
DescriptionA destination for Marian pilgrimages, especially on 13 March and 13 Ocotber. The building was reconstructed after WWII in "neo-medieval" style and houses a venerated image of the Virgin Mary - Accessible to disabled guests. -
AddressVia Pulzona, 1 Saludecio (RN)

Title Saint Blaise Church
DescriptionIt has been defined the cathedral of the whole Valconca Valley: it is the parish church of Saludecio, dedicated to Saint Blaise. It was realised between 1794 and 1800 thanks to the courage and consistency of an illustrious local parish priest, Don Antonio Fronzoni, and to the enthusiasm for the...
AddressPiazza Beato Amato Ronconi, 1 Saludecio (RN)

Title Village of Saludecio
DescriptionMARINA GATE 14th century. This is the main entrance gate to the village and is a beautiful structure dating from the era of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. Along with many of the surrounding buildings, it gives us an idea of what the entire village fortification complex would have looked like....
AddressCentro storico Saludecio (RN)

Title Palazzo Albini
DescriptionA 16th -century palace with a courtyard surrounded by a portico in Urbino style.
AddressVia Roma, 41 Saludecio (RN)

Title Town Hall Palace
DescriptionTthe Town Hall Palace houses several cultural institutes such as the theatre, the library and the permanent exhibition of Giuseppe Garibaldi memorabilia, soon to be the Risorgimento Museum. It was built on the remains of the ancient Malatesta fortress of which traces of the walls are still visible.
AddressPiazza Beato Amato Ronconi Saludecio (RN)