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Places in historical and artistic value in SAN CLEMENTE (RN)

Title Church of San Clemente
DescriptionBuilt in 1836 on the 14th-century monastery church, of which a few traces remain in the interior, it has a single nave adorned with columns and houses a canvas of the Holy Family by Giovanni Battista Costa, an interesting Rimini-born 18th-century artist. The main altar is in scagliola with a...
AddressPiazza Mazzini, 1 San Clemente (RN)

Title Village of San Clemente
DescriptionRecollections of the Malatesta era are still clearly visible in the urban fabric of San Clemente. As they have always done, the Malatesta walls enclose the heart of the old town centre and the complex known as Castelleale a few kilometres from the village. The latter is a rare example that still...
AddressCentro storico San Clemente (RN)