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Places in historical and artistic value in NOVAFELTRIA (RN)

Title Sulphur - historical mining museum
DescriptionThe presence in Perticara of large sulphur deposits led, in the second half of the last century, to intensive industrial activity in a vast area, dedicated mainly to agriculture. It was a microcosm linked to the productivity of the mine, which closed just when the rest of Italy was experiencing...
AddressVia Montecchio, 20 Perticara Novafeltria (RN)

Title Parish church of Santa Maria in Vico
DescriptionThe church still has Roman tombstones and inscriptions found at the site of the former Roman town hall.
AddressStrada statale Marecchia Novafeltria (RN)

Title Church of San Pietro in Culto
DescriptionDocumented as early as 950, it was reconstructed in 1929, with a building imitating its shape, on the still visible foundations of the parish church.
AddressVia della Pieve, 9 Novafeltria (RN)

Title Oratory of Santa Marina
DescriptionStuated at the top of steep steps, highlighting how it is almost grafted onto the rocky spur, it is a very slender and unusual Romanesque church.
AddressPiazza Vittorio Emanuele Novafeltria (RN)

Title The Perticara mine
DescriptionPERTICARA is part of the municipality of NOVAFELTRIA. The inhabitants in the early 20th century lived in the rhythm of a great industrial town, rather than a rural life. The big SULPHUR MINE (_Buga_ in the local dialect) that was extracting great quantities of sulphur after the Montecatini opened...
AddressVia Montecchio, 20 Novafeltria (RN)

Title Village Torricella
DescriptionThis fortified mediaeval village reveals its past starting with the prehistoric sacrificial altar. A little further away, the village of Libiano is worth visiting.
AddressVia Salceto Novafeltria (RN)

Title Village Miniera
DescriptionAn interesting residential district for the mining workforce. Built in the late 19th century, the recreational facilities, store and church remain. It is worth visiting thanks to its evocative force.
AddressVia Guido Donegani Novafeltria (RN)

Title Palazzo dei Conti Segni
DescriptionAn elegant 17th-century building with a portico and three floors, it was the summer residence of the Segni Counts of Bologna. It now houses the town hall as well as Grand’ Italia cafe, a unique venue with original Liberty furnishings.
AddressPiazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 Novafeltria (RN)