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Places in historical and artistic value in PENNABILLI (RN)

Title Museo Naturalistico Natural History Museum
DescriptionThis was opened in June 2004 by the management of the Sasso Simone e Simoncello National Park in collaboration with the Municipality of Pennabilli. It is housed in the former municipal abattoir, now restructured, and has a permanent exhibition of autochthonous flora and fauna. There are numerous...
AddressVia dei Tigli, 5/a Pennabilli (RN)

Title I Luoghi dell'Anima Abodes of the Soul
DescriptionThe museum is spread over seven different venues, five in the historic core of Pennabilli and two in the hamlets of Castello di Bascio and Ca’ Romano. “Abodes of the Soul” sprang from the fervid imagination of poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra, and visitors are invariably captivated  by the...
AddressSalita Valentini, 1 Pennabilli (RN)

Title Il Mondo di Tonino Guerra The World of Tonino Guerra
DescriptionThis collection brings together all the artistic creations (paintings, ceramics and much else) of Tonino Guerra and his collaborators, and there is also a well-endowed videotheque comprising 2000 DVDs organised into five different sections, and an ample library.   -   guided visits for groups...
AddressVia dei Fossi, 4 Pennabilli (RN)

Title Mateureka, the Museum of Calculation
DescriptionThe museum fills four floors and houses hundreds of original and valuable exhibits charting the history of calculation and of mathematics, from the Sumerian foundation cone dating from 4,500 years ago – the only one of its kind in Italy – to modern robots which can be programmed in polar...
AddressPiazza Garibaldi, 1 Pennabilli (RN)

Title Diocesan Museum of the Montefeltro Antonio Bergamaschi
DescriptionA new layout for works of sacred art from all over the diocese opportunely saved from neglect and abandon. These include precious canvases by Il Centino and Cagnacci. Accessible to disabled guests
AddressPiazza Sant'Agostino Pennabilli (RN)

Title Church of Our Lady Beata Vergine delle Grazie
DescriptionKnown also as Sant'Agostino, this Church is situated within the original nucleus of the village surrounding the fortress of the Penna family. It is the oldest Church in the Diocese of Pennabilli, and houses a fifteenth-century fresco with a miraculous image of the Madonna Enthroned and Child. ...
AddressCentro storico Pennabilli (RN)

Title Monastery Church of Sant Antonio da Padova
DescriptionThe small church is incorporated in the majestic monastery of the same name, which is home to the Augustinian nuns. The foundations of the building stand on what were once the outer walls of the ancient castle of the Billi family; these can still be seen and determine the cloistered space. The...
AddressVia Rupe Pennabilli (RN)

Title Diocesan Cathedral and parish Church of San Pio V
DescriptionThe Cathedral of Pennabilli, dedicated to St Pius V, was built when the Diocese was moved here from San Leo in 1572. Major work was carried out over the years by various bishops, ranging from the addition of the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament to the introduction of beautiful wooden furnishings...
AddressVia Roma, 2 Pennabilli (RN)

Title Romanesque church of St. Peter in Messa
DescriptionBuilt in the village of _Ponte Messa_ in the 12th century it has been a sacred place since prehistorical times and a strategic point for the Roman _Iter Tiberinus_. how to get there: from Rimini: take road S.P. 258 Marecchiese
AddressVia Pieve Pennabilli (RN)

Title Village of San Rocco
DescriptionIt deserves a visit to see the gate of the same name, Palazzo del Bargello, the Oratory and Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia, the ruins of the Malatesta castle and the lookout point.
AddressVia Roma Pennabilli (RN)

Title Village of Pennabilli
DescriptionThe dominant element in the town centre is the lovely 16th century cathedral, redone on various occasiones, but notable for the red-brick façade. It is also worth heading to the church at the Sanctuary of S. Agostino or Madonna delle Grazie. This harmonious church is the result of the 'fusion' of...
AddressCentro storico Pennabilli (RN)

Title Theatre "Vittoria"
DescriptionThe theatre was created in 1922-23 inside ancient Palazzo Fuffi (late 15th century), which had previously been used as barracks and as an elementary school and was seriously damaged by an earthquake on 29 June 1919. Having set up a special committee, 33 families from Pennabilli contributed to the...
AddressPiazza Vittorio Emanuele 2 Pennabilli (RN)

Title Tower and village of Bascio
DescriptionHamlet of Molino di Bascio. This is all that remains of the ancient mighty fortress which once dominated the Marecchia valley; together with the castles of Gattara, Miratoio and Scavolino it was one of the earliest fiefs of the Carpegna family. At the foot of the tower is the “Petrified Garden”...
AddressStrada Statale 258, Bascio Pennabilli (RN)

Title Tower of Maciano
DescriptionThis round tower standing on the hill overlooking the hamlet of Maciano is all that remains of the ancient military fortress. The fortress was put to fire and the sword by Federico da Montefeltro in 1458; the populace held out against him for eight days, but the castle was finally razed to the...
AddressMaciano Pennabilli (RN)