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Places in historical and artistic value in SAN LEO (RN)

Title Museum of Sacred Art
Description16th century In Palazzo Mediceo, the coat of arms with the lily of the city of Florence and that of Pope Julius II della Rovere are clearly visible. It houses 13th - 18th century sacred art exhibits, including a 14th-century Madonna della Mela by Catarino di Marco from Venice and a Madonna and...
AddressPiazza Dante Alighieri, 14 San Leo (RN)

Title Convent of Sant' Igne
DescriptionThe convent dates from the thirteenth century and was reputedly founded by St Francis of Assisi. In the little church is preserved a section of the trunk of the elm tree, cut down in 1662, under which St Francis preached to Brother Leo. There is a simple cloister next to the Church, and on the...
AddressStrada Sant'Antimo San Leo (RN)

Title Cathedral of San Leone
DescriptionThe Cathedral dedicated to the patron saint is an ancient foundation, rebuilt by Lombard Romanesque masons in 1173, and is a fine example of Romanesque architecture. The interior is richly decorated with sculpture illustrating symbols of early Christian beliefs. The layout is a Latin cross, with...
AddressVia Cavallotti San Leo (RN)

Title Parish Church of Our Lady Santa Maria Assunta
DescriptionThis is the oldest sacred monument in the Montefeltro region. According to tradition, the church was built over the cell where the fourth-century St Leo was wont to retire in order to pray. A basilica-plan church, it has three aisles and a crypt, and the presbytery is raised above the level of...
AddressVia Cavallotti San Leo (RN)

Title Village of San Leo
DescriptionWorth noting in the centre is the Town Hall building, formerly the residence of the Counts of Montefeltro, and the Palace of the Nardini Counts that, on 8th May 1213, had the honour of hosting St. Francis when he received the gift of Mount La Verna here. Another fine building is the Medici...
AddressCentro storico San Leo (RN)

Title Palazzo Nardini
Description14th century. Count di Chiusi met St. Francis here on 8 May 1213 and was so struck by the words of the saint that he gifted him with Mount della Verna.
AddressCentro storico San Leo (RN)

Title Palazzo Della Rovere
Description17th century. Now the town hall, it was built for the Della Rovere family, who succeeded the Montefeltro. Its noble façade is embellished with sandstone motifs and adorned with a solid, rusticated ashlar-work portal and windows topped with gables in Tuscan Mannerist style.
AddressPiazza Dante Alighieri, 1 San Leo (RN)

Title Fortress and museum
DescriptionThe origins of the fortress were already lost to memory at the time of the wars between Goths and Byzantines (sixth century). It was a constant subject of contention in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, until conquered by Federico da Montefeltro in 1441. The fortress is a mighty defensive...
AddressVia Battaglione Cacciatori San Leo (RN)

Title Bell tower
DescriptionThe bell tower rises solitary on the hill known as “Monte della Guardia”, one of the two peaks of the crag on which stands San Leo. Like all the town’s monuments it was fashioned directly from a rocky outcrop. Together with the other buildings it made up the “Cittadella Vescovile”, the Episcopal...
AddressVia Cavallotti San Leo (RN)

Title Castle of Pietracuta
DescriptionThe remains stand on the sharp rock that gave its name to Pietragùdola. It belonged to the Carpegna family, then the Malatesta and the Montefeltro who had the fortress redesigned by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. It was home to Duke Federico and his consort Battista Sforza in 1462. It even passed...
AddressStrada Marecchiese San Leo (RN)