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Places in historical and artistic value in SANT'AGATA FELTRIA (RN)

Title Museum of Rural Crafts
DescriptionHoused inside the old San Girolamo Monastery from the second half of the 16th century. Exhibits from various periods are on display, some hundreds of years old, divided into themed sections that represent the heritage of the local rural civilization: - religious section, with exhibits from 1500...
AddressVia San Girolamo Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Convent of the Poor Clares
DescriptionDating from the 16th century, it houses a collection of parchments dating from the 12th - 14th centuries. It appears to have been created by St. Clare’s sister who founded the order immediately after the order of St. Domenic, where Clare had taken up residence. From the same period, the adjacent...
AddressVia Angelo Battelli, 12 Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Church of Madonna dei Cappuccini
DescriptionIn the year 1574 Marquise Lucrezia Vitelli Fregoso, wishing to welcome the order of Capuchin Friars to her fief, donated to the Superiors of the order the necessary land and money to found a convent. The church was consecrated in 1577 and dedicated to St Antony of Padua. It is recorded that the...
AddressVia Battelli, 24 Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Church of Madonna del Soccorso
DescriptionOpen only the first Saturday of the month, from 15.00 to 16.00. This church in pure Romanesque style stands on an isolated hill between Mont’ Ercole and Sant’Agata Feltria, giving a splendid view as far as the coast. The interior has an open-beam ceiling and the High Altar is adorned with the...
AddressMonte Ercole Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Monastery and church of San Girolamo
DescriptionThe stone used to build it creates a chromatic balance with warm tones and an elegant cloister completes the innermost part. The church, formerly Our Lady of Graces, was dedicated to St. Jerome in the early 17th century when the Fregoso commissioned the magnificent _Altarpiece of the Saint _from...
AddressVia San Girolamo, 1 Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Collegiate church
DescriptionBuilt in the 10th century and extended in 1520 by the Fregoso, it has a 7th-century crypt. The side chapels are adorned with precious 17th and 18th-century inlaid and gilded ancones with many excellent pieces including a 16th-century wooden _Crucifix _of the German school and an altarpiece with...
AddressVia Vittorio Emanuele Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Village Petrella Guidi
DescriptionDon’t miss this enchanting village that has retained its original aspect. The stone houses lining the narrow cobbled streets are overshadowed by the tower, testimony to its indomitable and powerful former role. The castle gate has symbols of power sculpted on it, like the coats of arms of the...
AddressCentro storico Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Angelo Mariani Theatre and Museum
DescriptionThis is the oldest theatre in Italy to be built entirely of wood. It is inside Il Palazzone, the present-day Town Hall. It was built in 1605, but was left to decline gradually until the late twentieth century. It was then completely restructured, returning to all its former splendour in the year...
AddressPiazza Garibaldi, 1 Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Rocca Fregoso Fortress
DescriptionThe fortress was built about the year 1000 on the crag known as Sasso del Lupo, Wolf Rock. Its historic name, “Petra anellaria” derives from the circular shape of the rock on which it stands. It was restored and fortified by Francesco di Giorgio Martini in 1474. From 1506 to 1660 it was a fief of...
AddressViale Lucrezia Vitelli Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Castle of Petrella Guidi
DescriptionThe castle stands on the steep right-hand bank of the Marecchia river. It is mentioned in the Papal Bull of Pope Honorius II dated 1125, and in 1362 it was enfeoffed to the Counts of Piagnano; subsequently it reverted to the Papal State Legation of Urbino. All that remains of the mighty castle...
AddressBorgo Petrella Guida Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title The moon in the well fountain
DescriptionCan be found in a niche, surrounded by a galaxy of stars and planets, on the climb towards Fregoso Fortress. It was created using Byzantine mosaic techniques with enamels, gold, marbles and murrine glass rods.
AddressPiazza Fabbri Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title The carpet of memory fountain
Descriptionstands along the road that leads into the inhabited area of the main town on the site of the old public washhouse-drinking trough where dwellers from outlying villages stopped with their animals, either those they used for transport or those they were bringing to the village to sell at market....
AddressVia Bernucci Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)

Title Fountain della chiocciola of the snail
DescriptionThis fountain, designed by Tonino Guerra and part of his itinerary _The Places of the Soul_, is a poetic ode to slowness and the needs of the soul.  The fountain consists in over 300,000 polychrome and gold mosaic tesserae and was created by the Ravenna-born artist Marco Bravura. The original...
AddressCentro storico Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)