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Places in historical and artistic value in TALAMELLO (RN)

Title Gualtieri Museum and Art Gallery
DescriptionFernando Gualtieri, world-famous artist and native of Talamello, donated over forty of his works to the Museum. The cascading light and colour so typical of his paintings create a magic atmosphere and make the objects he painted seem real enough to touch. - how to get there: located just 50 m....
AddressVia Saffi Talamello (RN)

Title Church of San Lorenzo
DescriptionA historic parish church and Augustinian convent since the fourteenth century. Preserved in the church is a fourteenth-century crucifix believed to be miraculous, long attributed by tradition and the art critic Adolfo Venturi to Giotto; however, it is the work of Giovanni da Rimini, a pupil of...
AddressPiazza Garibaldi, 4 Talamello (RN)

Title Chapel as the cemetery
DescriptionA votive chapel commissioned by Bishop Giovanni Seclani in 1437, it is completely frescoed by one of the most famous artists of the period Antonio Alberti from Ferrara. The back wall shows scenes of the Annunciation and the Madonna Enthroned. On the cross vaults are the four Evangelists and in...
AddressInformazioni turistiche / Tourist information - Via Saffi, 34 Museo Gualtieri Talamello (RN)

Title Palazzo Rusticucci
DescriptionOne of the most beautiful residences in the centre, its main architectural feature are its battlements, hence its nickname “the castle”.
AddressCentro storico Talamello (RN)