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Point of interests in Rome

Address00186 Lazio Roma 19 Via di sant’Eustachio Via
TimeXVII sec.
DescriptionThe basilica of Sant’Eustachio was erected, according to tradition, on the site of the martyrdom of the Saint, where Constantine later ordered a small chapel to be built. At the end of the VIII century, the presence of a xenodochion (a welfare facility for the poor) is known. In 1196, after a long series of restoration works, the building was completely rebuilt and enlarged and a Romanesque bell tower was added. Between 1650 and 1700, the medieval building was razed to the ground, apart from the bell tower, and the structure was completely rebuilt according to the principles of the time. The façade, the work of Cesare Crovara, has two orders, the upper one concave, terminating with a tympanum. The interior, the work of Crovara and Antonio Canevari, has a single nave with three chapels on each side connected to each other: the vault is lavishly decorated with plant motifs. The high altar, designed by Nicola Salvi, houses a painting of the martyrdom of Sant'Eustachio. The altar table rests on a porphyry urn in which the bodies of Sant’Eustachio, his wife and children are preserved. Outside, the decoration of the cross on the top of the church with the stag’s head recalls the legend of the conversion of Sant'Eustachio after he had seen a stag with a cross on its head.

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