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Point of interests in Rome

TitleMoschea e Centro Culturale Islamico
Address00197 Lazio Roma 85 Viale della Moschea viale
TimeXX sec.
DescriptionThe Rome Mosque is the largest site of Islamic worship in Europe. Designed by the Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi, in collaboration with Vittorio Gigliotti and Sami Moussawi, it was erected in the northern area of the city at the foot of Monti Parioli on a plot of 30,000 square metres. The idea to build the centre of worship came from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia during a visit to Rome in 1966. From that moment, the Saudi goverment entered a commitment with Italy and advanced funds for its construction. The donation of the land was agreed by a resolution of the Rome Municipal Council in 1974 and the first stone was laid ten years later in 1984 (the year 1505 of the Hegira) in the presence of the then President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini. The inauguration took place on June 21, 1995. An imposing exterior stairway leads to a corridor with chalice columns in which the light of the sun penetrating the holes in the travertine wall draws figures on the floor. This leads to a covered atrium that opens onto the great prayer hall with a "forest" of three stem columns decorated with calligraphy in Arabic on Quranic themes. Two large stairways lead to the mezzanines reserved for women. From the prayer hall, access is gained to the bathrooms for ablutions. In another prayer hall (the so-called little mosque) adorned with mosaics from Turkey, the Iman conducts prayers. On the ground floor there are various rooms for cultural and social services, such as the library, the conference hall, offices and rooms for Arabic courses.

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