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Point of interests in Rome

TitleSanti Apostoli
Address00187 Lazio Roma Piazza dei SS.Apostoli piazza
TimeVI–XIX sec.
DescriptionThe church of the Santi Apostoli can today be seen in its eighteenth century form, the result of the intervention carried out by Carolo Fontana and Nicola Michetti between 1702 and 1742. Very few elements remained from the ancient building founded, according to the sources, during the papacy of Pelagio I (555-560), completed by his successor Giovanni III (560-567) and dedicated only to the Saints Filippo and Giacomo.In the works under Martino V (Oddone Colonna 1417-1431) to construct, in the form of a fortress, the new Colonna palace, the church was converted to a court chapel. Currently, the church is fronted by a portico attributed to Baccio Pontelli (around 1450-1494), which was built as part of important restoration works undertaken between 1475 and 1477 by Giuliano della Rovere (1443-1513), then Commendatory Cardinal. The portico has two orders and lies at an angle to the axis of the church in order to connect the two Della Rovere palaces to the left and Palazzo Riario to the right, which then belonged to the Colonna. The lower order has nine arches supported by octagonal pillars and the upper order, with Ionic semi-columns, is an enclosed portico, with windows installed to a design of 1665 by Carlo Rainaldi (1611-1691). The upper part of the elevation was completed in 1827 in neoclassical style to a design by G. Valadier (1762-1839). The interior, with three naves lavishly decorated with Baroque stuccoes and gold, is the outcome of eighteenth century renovation and houses various chapels of some of the most important families in Renaissance Rome, bearing witness to the key role of the basilica in the sixteenth century.

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