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Point of interests in Rome

TitleMadonna dei Monti
Address00184 Lazio Roma 41 Via della Madonna dei Monti Via
TimeXVI sec
DescriptionThe church was erected in 1580 on the site a miraculous image of the Virgin with the Child between the Saints Stephen and Lawrence was found. The design for the construction of the new building in which the icon (dating from the beginning of the XV century) was to be preserved was assigned to Giacomo Della Porta, who followed the example of the Chiesa del Gesù that he had completed a few years earlier for both the façade and the interior. The prospect is in two orders of pilasters with triangular tympanum coping. The lower order has Corinthian pilasters that divide it into five sectors. At the centre, the entrance portal is in the form of a shrine with triangular tympanum flanked by niches. In the upper order, featuring composite pilasters, the pattern of the central sectors below is repeated in the large shrine windows (with arched tympanums) flanked by niches, while at the edges, the orthogonal development of the prospect is interrupted by lateral scrolls replicated in sequence on the sides of the construction. The interior, to an elongated central plan with lateral chapels, has a barrel vault and hemispheric cupola at the cross of the transept. In the vault, apse and chapels, frescos from the end of the XVI century and beginning of the XVII century are preserved.

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