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Point of interests in Rome

TitleConvento degli Agostiniani
Address00186 Lazio Roma 12 Via dei Portoghesi via
TimeXVIII sec.
DescriptionIn the area where the fifteenth century palace of Cardinal Guglielmo d’Estouteville, titular of the nearby church of Sant’Agostino, was erected, the Augustinians commissioned Luigi Vanvitelli in 1746 to design a college for novices. The architect was assisted first by Antonio Rinaldi and then by Carlo Murena, who replaced him in 1751 when Vanvitelli concentrated on the Royal Palace of Caserta. The five-story building was constructed around a central courtyard with porticos of pillars on three sides; on the rear side was a covered passage. The main access on Via dei Portoghesi is furnished with a long, broad portal inserted in the ashlar of the ground floor and surmounted by a large conch and scroll. The other portal in Via della Scrofa is plain ashlar and opens onto an entrance atrium with pairs of columns, giving access to the ancient refectory. In 1870, the palace became the property of the Italian Realm. Today it is the headquarters of the State Attorney General.

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